The Life of Bye

As I walk through the depressing halls of my school, I see kids burying themselves in their lockers. Avoiding the kids that are getting bullied, so they don’t get bullied. So they can still be cool, like seriously, what the heck is wrong with you? But that one person that feels the pain of being different, and someone who actually will stick up for a person. Wait, there is none. That is the problem with this generation; we don’t care about other people.

We only care about ourselves. Who cares about that person who gets beat up every day. Then, our generation is so judgmental, like who cares about how much you have or don’t have. We are all the same species. Get real. Don’t let money decide how many friends you have or don’t have.

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Do you push people around to get whatever you want? Do you step all over people that will do anything for you? Everyone knows about suicide. How ugly it is. Well kids these days, commit suicide a lot because of bullying. They just want it to stop. They try doing to anything in their power to stop it.

But it won’t stop so they stop it themselves. They say “bye”. This is NEVER the answer! There is always hope.For example,Cyber School is a way to get away from the bullying. If you think about it that letting the bully win and let them control you. In my opinion some days I just want to give up and move.

Run away but I have that voice inside my head telling me that it will get better , don’t give up.