Hbs Case Study: Oscar Mayer

Case Study Example Oscar Mayer Case / MKT 300 / 2009 This is an example of an “A” case write-up from a past course. Notice the paper is clear, concise, and focuses on the author’s recommendation but also brief and to the point. – There is a short description of the case written in the author’s own words summarizing the situation and identifying the core issue. There is not regurgitation of the case meaning the author did not repeat the case word-for-word instead he/she chose to state the situation his/her own way.The primary focus of this case analysis is the author’s recommendation of what Oscar Mayer should do.

The recommendation is well supported and the author gives implementation suggestions. One suggestion I had for this author is to offer some of his/her own thoughts on alternative solutions instead of just leveraging the alternatives the case states. – – Please also keep in mind the stated definition of an “A” in this course as stated in the Grade Policy section of the syllabus: “A” coursework is truly outstanding. It stands out from B coursework by its sophisticated treatment of the topic and clear presentation.The “A” coursework displays extensive evidence of critical thinking and offers special insight into the coursework discussed. In addition to careful and thorough data analysis, the “A” coursework synthesizes and applies the information and concepts presented with background material.

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The Introduction in the “A” coursework is engaging and relevant; the terminology used is highly descriptive yet concise; the coursework overall is clear and exciting. It leaves the “audience” satisfied and with a better understanding of the material.Americans’ diets are continuously evolving and are notorious for being effortlessly influenced by trends. Most fad diets quickly dissolve, as quickly as, they emerge. One trend that continues to gain momentum in American society is the trend toward healthier and lower fat protein options. In addition, consumers are busier than ever and willing to pay for convenience.

A report delivered to an Oscar Mayer executive, Marcus McGraw, reaffirms the consumer trend toward healthier and low fat protein products. McGraw is faced with the challenge to embrace this trend, while attaining a profit.Since Oscar Mayer products are traditionally processed, higher fat and salty meats, this is a difficult task McGraw must overcome. McGraw has been approached with four viable options to keep the company and its products sustainable during this potential devastating phase of production. McGraw has the option to invest in the Louis Rich division by marketing and enhancing leaner white meat.

It has also been suggested that Oscar Mayer acquire a company that offers other healthier and more convenient products and invest in this newest addition.Another recommendation McGraw considered is to develop the ultimately convenient at-home fast food products. The last option is to sustain the current Oscar Mayer products by transforming favorites into leaner and low sodium varieties, while lowering price. Each and every suggestion presented to McGraw offered a strong argument. However, after reviewing the given statistics, Oscar Mayer should stick with what they know and sustain their product by offering a more appealing selection. We have already determined what appeals to today’s consumers: value, taste, and health.

Therefore, it is recommended that McGraw move to reclaim the industry by lowering prices to match the competition and increase nutritional value in their meat products without sacrificing taste. I do not propose that Oscar Mayer try to surpass the competitions low prices because Oscar Mayer has something the completion does not, brand recognition. It is apparent that when a consumer is presented with choices, a familiar name, with all else being equal, will influence the consumer’s preference.In addition, consumers will select the healthier or more nutritional alternative, when given the opportunity. Furthermore, Oscar Mayer will have the opportunity to reclaim the consumers that have avoided pork and beef for lack of nutritional value. Marketing will also need to emphasize Oscar Mayer’s fresh and easy preparation for their products.

Although this is a quality always valued by loyal Oscar Mayer customers, new customers, drawn by the nutritional promotion, will be delighted by the added convenience.Promoting the “new and improved” Oscar Mayer products will be essential to the revival of the brand. We must spare no expense to marketing in order to re-establish consumers that yearn for the traditional flavors, while appealing to new customers that are seeking value and nutrition. Reinventing the basics will be a significant step in the right direction for Oscar Mayer. It will also provide required time for R to explore the other valuable proposals that were introduced in response to the inspirational report McGraw received.