Health and Temperature Extremes

The given article on health and temperature extremes by Marie O’Neil and Kristie Ebi was published in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, in2009. The purpose of this article was to study climate change and evaluate its effects on the health of the U.S. citizens. It also aimed at evaluating the effects of increased temperatures on mortality and mobility. The main objective of the article was gained with the help of methods used to study the effects caused by temperature extremes on the U.

S. The research was carried out by assessing and scrutinizing the materials of the national assessment that was conducted in 2000. Studies showing the impacts of temperature extremes on the future, surveys, evaluation and epidemiologic studies were also carried out. The methods used for the research were carefully selected to ensure efficiency of the results obtained. According to the article, the frequency of hot weather and heat waves is likely to rise due to the change of climate. There is also a projection of shifting of the overall temperature distribution away from colder extremes.

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The urban communities living in the Midwestern and Northeastern parts of the U.S. will be the most vulnerable. The most affected persons are the elderly, childrn, and sick people or those who are unable to move at all. Generally, the less mobile people will suffer the most because they cannot move from the affected areas.It was concluded that the most important determinants of health in the United States of America are temperature extremes and variability.

Estimating temperature extremes exposure was one of the main objectives of studying temperature-related sicknesses, identifying a uniform procedure of finding out health outcomes due to heat and improving the efficiency reducing urban heat island and plans for responding to extreme. The given article informs the readers on the current climate change causing extreme temperatures. There are also plans of preventing the spread of the situation. Namely, the readers get to know what measures might be taken in order to prevent climate change and control it. The authors also point to the areas that should be avoided in future and emphasize that settling in these areas is very dangerous.

According to the information presented in this article, the residents of northeastern and Midwestern parts of the United States of America plan to start mooving out. However, the authors of the article should have included the ways of preventing the future projections of extreme temperature. The methods of determining places that are safe for human living in the future should have been regarded in the article in order to warn the readers and make them stay away from the dangerous areas. The authors should have also mentioned the causes of extreme temperatures.The results presented in this article could have been expanded by improving the methods of study.

Therefore, it could have been more effective leading to the different results. Conducting a poll on the effects of extreme temperature, sampling and interviewing people could have been used as another method. It will show how many people are informed about climate change causing temperature extremities. The given article relates to my personal life since I think that it is very important to be aware of the rate of temperature extremities. Thanks to this article I got to know the ways of preventing climate change, for example, discouraging deforestation to stop temperature extremities. Now I know about the areas affected by climate change that causes temperature extremes.

Hence, I am able to advise people on where to settle in case of evacuation.