Hewlett Packer Case Study

HP specializes in developing and manufacturing computing, data storage, and networking hardware, designing software and levering services. Major product lines Include personal computing devices, enterprise servers, related storage devices, as well as a diverse range of printers and other Imaging products.

HP markets Its products to households, small- to medium- sized businesses and enterprises directly as well as Veal online distribution, consumer-electronics and office-supply retailers, software partners and major technology vendors.

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Diddles ten tender most serious problems you nave lament nee In ten case. Defend why you think they are the most serious. The first three problems I identified with Hewitt-Packard starts with the new CEO taking hare of a struggling and dysfunctional corporation, the confusing “Matrix Structure” with its blurred accountability and slowed decision making, the complex company reward system, inability to keep their employees, the pervasive distrust and under management and complex bonus systems tied to the employee’s performance of lack of performance.

I think these are the most serious concerns that I see because you cannot run an organization or company effectively and productively when you are struggling and your employees are not on the same visionary path with you. Your accountability is giving your word and your honor and without accountability what do you really have to offer your company and your employees and what reason would they have to want to stay at a company whose credibility and accountability and honor is questionable.

To run a corporation you have to have the ability to make decisions favorable as well as non favorable in a timely and effective manner sometimes regardless of the outcome out always with the company’s interest first and foremost. If your employees do not feel that you and the company do not exhibit trust worthy qualities what can you really expect from them. Why would I give my all to a company I cannot trust. Any company that is undermanned is a company that is mismanaged on the fast track to failure.

If you and your employees do not know what your company’s bonus process is how can you in all honesty expect your employees to know how their work ethics will impact on their performance awards and bonuses.

2. Describe how the company should attempt to correct each of the three most serious problems. First any company that is dealing with the struggles and dysfunction should first identify the source and nature that is causing the struggles and dysfunction. The company cannot be managed and executed fully until the reasons for the struggle and dysfunction are anteed.

Once you have identified the source implement a new strategy of change to help everyone understand just what and how the new changes will impact the company.

Have firm ideas of what and where you want the company to be. Implement a formal plan if a change in overall company strategy is needed. Once the company and its employees are comfortable on what needs to be done to keep on track with its strategy, the organization needs to lay out a detailed plan. In tans plan, the company must be honest with itself and its employees on what it can do alone and what expertise if any it must bring in.

With the plan in place, execution is critical.

Choices and sacrifices will have to be made to achieve the higher goal. The company needs to measure the impact of this plan and validate these measures to the overall goal. The trust factor will have to be re-established. Management will have to do everything reasonable to regain the employees trust. Be honest and truthful with your employees by laying out the current situation, what you plan to do with the company and ask for their input and ideas on what they would like to see in the company.

Let your employees know what the company’s policy will be and how their work reference will go hand in hand their performance bonus. Establish and implement a clear policy on what will be expected from each employee to receive a good performance evaluation and bonus. Explain to the employees how the bonus will be given out for example will they be quarterly or yearly and if they will be linked to divisional or company performance. This way everyone will have a clear understanding of what to expect. Offer incentives to help retain your valuable employees and attract new up and coming employees.

. Recommend a leadership style or combination of initiating structure and consideration ten CEO snouts adopt to erasers ten problems AT Lustrous Ana declining morale. Explain your answer. There are several leadership styles that would fit in helping Hewitt-Packard and their new CEO Mark Hurt help get Hewitt-Packard on the road to recovery, profitability and to help stop the employee turnover and retention rate. Some of the leadership styles I would recommend at this Junction would be Leader Behavior Path-Goal Theory, Directive leadership and Supportive Leadership styles.

The Path-Goal Theory leadership states that leaders can increase subordinate satisfaction and performance by clarifying and clearing paths to goals, increasing the umber and kinds of rewards for goal attainment. The Coo’s behavior must be a source of satisfaction for the employees to want to follow. If your employees are satisfied with you as a leader their performance will be. I would use the Directive leadership to let my employees know exactly what is expected of them, what guidelines they will be expected to follow and standards for their performance.

Hewitt-Packard’s CEO can make themselves more approachable and friendly I would recommend using the Supportive leadership. By adapting this leadership role your employees may willing to work with you and improve their overall work and attendance performance, have lower Job stress and this will help to reestablish trust between employee and Employer.

I would also recommend ten Proclamation learning Tort ten purpose AT consulting with Hewitt-Packard employees for suggestions and input before making any final decisions.

Mr.. Hurt knowing that is not all about him and being aware of this by acting as a member and not the focus of meetings will help Hewitt-Packard get more accomplished. Hewitt- Packard could also adopt the Achievement-oriented Leadership of setting goals, expectations showing HP employees they have confidence in them will give the employees the deed to want to put forth their best efforts in getting their work accomplished. After having examined all of the issues facing HP, recommend whether the CEO 4.

Would focus on the approach to the current strategy or on implementation and execution. Defend your decision. I like the idea that Mr.. Hurt has reverted back and is using the old Hewitt-Packard management style of being friendly, approachable and supportive of his employees and not having them feel that they are working for him but having them feel that they are working with him.

This is a great way an employer establishes, reestablish ND or improve the work environment with his employees with the open door policy. Mr..

Hurt is known for his successful execution style of management which has proven to be effective. If Mr.

. Hurt continues to focus on the current strategy approach of working with his lower divisional level and really listen to their needs and providing them with what they require will allow them to focus on what the organizational goals are as well as how they will go about and what step they will take to achieve their goals. Revamping the former Coo’s strategic vision was a positive move in the right direction for HP.

Offering specific visionary purposes gives your employees clear vision and insight into what you are expecting for the company’s goals and how their company performance will affect their work bonuses. All in all I support what Mr..

Hurt is trying dodo and I think he is on the right track to helping Hewitt-Packard becoming a profitable company again. Mr.. Hurt has done one of the most important things I feel a manager should do and that is transforming the company and regaining the employees trust. This is exhibited by the fact that the sales at Hewitt-Packard have increased and their stock rose 80%.