Free Essay on High School

High school can be difficult. Walking down the hallways can be like walking through a concert. In highschool it feels like everyone is out to get you but that’s not always the case. You know the rumors aren’t true but everyone talking about you have you convinced they are even if it is about yourself.

Everyone says highschool can ruin friendships but that’s not always the case. If high school ruins a friendship that must mean that friendship wasn’t real or it wasn’t meant to be. High school can make some people feel rejected and worthless but that’s not true you are perfect and don’t let anyone say otherwise. In high school there are groups of people, the popular ones, the mean ones, the ones who think that they are better than everyone else, the sporty ones and the quiet ones, and then you think what one do I belong in and you just can’t figure it out and then you find out you belong to your own group you belong with yourself and a few friends and your best friend in the whole world. High school is hard but it can be fun and try to see that part of it. Never give up though because that means you accepted defeat.

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