Highschool Acceptance

Sobbing. Not mine of course, I already accepted defeat upon arrival. Instead, it’s my parents taking the hit for me. High-school letters arrived in the mail, and they are not looking so good.

I didn’t make it. So what? Is some hoax of a number going to tell me who is smarter than me? I do not think so. If kids get accepted based upon where they live, despite their score, is this school in fact “good.” If kids who are not in honors classes get an advantage because they have a higher grade in their grade level classes than those who have slightly lower grades in their above grade level classes, is this school truly “honorable.” If this school does not take into account all the other talents students possess besides how well they can memorize their vocabulary on a standardized test, is this school truly “number one.” In my opinion, no.

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It may seem like it is on paper, but based upon the facts covered up by layers and layers of numbers, you would understand it is not for me. If our human race is too complex to be cloned or analyzed, what makes high schools be able to judge us by a 2 digit number. So do not take it to heart when you fail the first time, because mistakes are never repeated.