Short Essay about Homework

Homework. What do kids think about homework? Do kids like coming home from school and to be absolutely loaded with homework? Homework is basically what I call, a waste of family time, activities, and social plans. Homework can also lead to lack of sleep, and getting things done around the house. About 22% of high school students fall asleep during class because of staying up late for homework each night. I bet you didn’t know that 43% of parents have actually done their own kid’s homework because the kids didn’t know how to do it and it was not understandable.

Usually like for me I have sports activities to do like track and cheerleading, which means that I have a lot going on in my daily schedule. When I have homework to do, it crashes into free time with me, and my family and friends. My brother has baseball and football after school so he has games to attend and he can’t get caught failing a class just because of not doing his homework. I understand that homework usually covers what all you’ve done for the day or the week but having too much of it can get sort of out of hand. If you get enough class work in then I’m sure that homework would just be extra time spent doing nothing but learning.

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Even students in elementary schools have a decent bit of homework. My younger sister who is in the elementary is always glued to the computer every day after school because homework has taken too much of her time. Some days, when you come home from a long, tiring, exhausting day at school, you very tired and want some rest for your big game tonight, but you have to get that homework in if you want to attend the game. Homework, like I said before takes up valuable free time for yourself. Dinners, parties, free time, showering, straightening you hair, it’s all occupied by the demon that haunts you in your book bag.

What happens when homework ends really late and you have to finish it in order to pass the 8th grade? Maybe taking a shower or picking out your outfit tomorrow. No. Homework is the thing that takes up that time that you want to spend. You wouldn’t want to quit a team sport because homework takes up that practicing and playing time that you want to have but can’t. Lack of sleep can affect you by growing because you need sleep to grow or even sleeping in the middle of a class period where you get the homework and you need to pay attention because what you’ve learned is going to be on the homework.

I kept thinking about middle school and high school and how hard it’s going to be when on one day you forgot to do your homework and you get a zero. That would be terrible. Especially college, fail a class and your back there again. Getting there does really get harder and harder once you’ve worked hard and done everything that you can. I hope that what I wrote made you all think about how homework really does affect children in many ways and what we have to say about homework.