Homework Controversey

Some may ask if you understand something, such as a concept better if spoken aloud, or written in front of you. In class, there is a good chance that taking notes would definitely be an asset to you. Typically, spoken is often forgotten, such as when you are talking to a friend, you can chat for a couple minutes and then you cannot remember the first sentence you said, unless you have a photographic memory. To continue on homework, a fair percentage of kids find that homework can be monotonous, claiming that it is useless and a waste of time, but I must disagree. In addition, they often forget to do homework since they find it better to avoid homework until the last second.

For example, during summer vacation someone might have just come back from the cruise until the week before school starts, and so they then must cram everything into one week. That is not often true though. If someone works hard, one who works hard will become successful in the future, perhaps even by starting from one the simplest steps, such as doing your homework. Unquestionably, homework is beneficial in many ways. For starters, I absolutely feel that homework is advantageous in several ways such as in reviewing for tests and for class.

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First off, it is a proven method that writing something down can help you remember it, mostly as a reminder, or that once you write it, it is like engraving it into your memory banks, and by listening, it is like a train that goes straight through the tunnel. As in homework, when writing down your answer, you tend to remember the format of answering, or the process into getting your answer. For class, this is a pro since it allows you to go over what you did during the day, and to cover any material that was not taught in class. As for tests, most of the questions are either pulled from your homework, or based on them such as being in a similar format. Homework is going to be a plus in several ways like reviewing for tests and for classes. Another reason homework should definitely be encouraged is because it improves your grade.

Homework can help with your studies, and homework is also part of your grade, so if you do your assignments correctly, your grade should be fairly high. The other parts of your grade are participation, and tests. Homework would help on tests since as I have spoken of before, most questions on test are either pulled from your homework, or based on them. Then with those aspects, your grade would be higher. The final grade would inevitably be a good “A” or sometimes a “B” on your report card if you would spare the littlest of effort to it. Advancing into the future, colleges would also look at your grade for scholarships, and if your want to save money, you should try to get a scholarship.

Ultimately, homework should be encouraged since it improves your grade. Most importantly, homework is done to allow yourself to assess your knowledge on the material taught in school or from a specific subject. If your teacher did not care whether or not you knew the material, they would never give you homework. Homework is a chance to see if you understand the material, or if you need help to better understand the concept. Don’t thing of homework as a tedious job, but more or less like one of those cheap internet quizzes that can only give a good response or a bad response, so if your don’t understand your homework, likewise to becoming a hygiene engineer on the internet quiz, ask for help.

If you understand the lesson or idea, then good for you. Therefore, homework is a way to help you self-evaluate your self –understanding on the criteria. In conclusion, instead of the ever-frequent question like, “To be or not to be,” I bring up, “Do you understand it, if spoken or written?” and the written form, for a fact is better to understand, which brings up homework. Undeniably, I know that homework is favorable for a bountiful amount of ways such as that it allows you to review for class and test, it improves your grade, and it enables you to self-evaluate. Imagine the whole world having worse grades, and becoming lazier by not doing homework.

Although, occasionally no homework would not be too bad. Homework is utilizable in many ways for present and future times.