Homework Narrative Essay

People always say that kids need less homework. I have been in three different schools. They have given more homework as we get older, but here is what’s real. Any sports or extracurricular activity is not necessary. You don’t have to do it.

People get into college because of sports scholarships. We need people to get into college and become doctors, nurses, teachers, surgeons. How do we do that? Teachers give out more homework and get rid of sports and extracurricular activities. Some people say that homework is too much because they have to stay up and do the homework. So they get sleep deprived.

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They might say they need less homework. That’s because they are in a sport and they have less time after school to get it done. I am in golf and I can get my homework done just fine and I normally have time to just chill out after school and at night, but I only do one sport and that is in the spring. So I say, bring it on. The next thing is college.

People are getting into college with sport scholarships. But we need people to get into college who are going to become doctors, nurses, teachers. We need kids to get their homework done and learn how to get their occupation. They need to make a living and help our country and state to keep people alive. This is why I like homework so much. Because I am going to be one of those people who becomes a teacher or doctor.

Now I have some reasons that more homework would be beneficial. A website about reasons kids need more homework and why they don’t. Says that if kids have more homework they can get closer to their families. A student could ask a parent or sibling about a problem in math or ask for a better word choice on their essay. They would spend time with their family working on their homework and possibly get there work done faster than they would have if they did it on their own.

Another reason more homework would be beneficial is that it reinforces the lesson that the teacher taught that day. The students go home and learn more about the lesson. Let’s use math as an example. You get assigned an assignment and it’s on one simple objective. While doing that same process for those, let’s say ten problems, you learn the pattern and it sticks to your brain.

You remember it. Why do you remember it, for the test? If students get more homework they theoretically should remember it for the big test on that subject. In math for us. Our assignment is six problems per objective the maximum problems I have had from Ms.Berg is eight-teen. That was two assignments and six practice problems from previous assignments.

Now as we get older we should be getting more homework, but in eighth grade, we got more math homework in Mr.Lindow’s class then we did in Ms.Berg’s class. Some studies show that as your grade level increases your amount of homework increases but, that does not show in our school. People say your grade level should be multiplied by ten and that’s how long it should take you to do your homework.

So for us, it would be nine times ten, so ninety minutes of homework. I usually have less than that time. So things have gotten off course with what experts suggest. I personally think that we do need more homework and I know that nobody stands with me on that. Especially in my grade, but I don’t mind that.

Homework reinforces the lesson we learned at school and teaches us to remember what we learned at school. Families can get closer by helping each other with homework. We should stretch away from the old ways of a certain number of problems for math or science. We need people to become doctors or nurses. We need people who will help our country.