Homework Hazard Free Essay Example

Students spend most of their past time doing homework. I’m not kidding! It’s a proven fact that students go to school for 7 out of the 24 hours in the day and spend up to 14 hours out of the 24 doing homework, once they get home. 14 hours! And what time does that leave to sleep? 3 whole hours! That’s more than enough time to recharge their brains and rest. If they had more sleep then that then they’d practically stay awake in class and get better grades, which would just be suicide on their reputations that they’ve worked hard to uphold. Teachers are actually giving every student that was or is popular a favor.

That’s all it is, an opportunity to see who can be the dumbest so that they’ll have the most friends on Face book because that’s all that matters. “I have 100 friends on Face book!” “Lame, I have 10,000 friends on Face book!” “You win!” I know I’m so popular! I can’t spell CAT because I missed that lesson because I fell asleep in class, but you know I’m popular now so I don’t have to worry! I’ll hire a nerd to read for me!” The less sleep at home the more time to sleep in class. It’s all about the popularity that’s why many teachers are now beginning to bring pillows and blankets to class for their sleepy students. It’s the least they can do to see another girl or boy go on to be just as popular as they were. Teachers may help students become popular, but there’s a reason behind it. The only reason they actually want students to compete over whose popular is because students will get so addicted to the power of popularity that they will never want to leave the school.

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It’s all part of their twisted plan to turn students into zombies. And for what reason would they have for doing that? Well, it’s simple of coarse! They’ll turn them into brainless zombies, so that they will fail all their classes and will have to retake the grade next year. Yes, that will mean that they pay double the money and teachers get double the salary. It’s simply genius! Who knew teachers were so deceiving and good at evil plans. Well all students should have known that, but it slipped out from under their noses because they are zombies and have no idea what’s going on besides the fact that there is homework that needs to be done and 3 hours ready for them once there done and maybe even less. It depends on how much the teachers have got to their minds.

Trust me if a student gets more sleep then that, then they better grab there cell phone and i-pod and make up bag and Dakine back pack and hat and run away to the circus as fast as they can before the teachers get to them and load them down with homework and chain them to it with heavy weights, (or as they like to call it books) and force them to do homework until there brains are fully turned to mush. They tell them that the homework will only help them achieve their full capabilities of receiving a A, but that’s just the mind games they play with a play on of words talking. None of it’s true! Ask the doctors, they’ve treated diseases like this before and it’s called learning. They’ll prescribe for students to take a daily does of 2 handfuls of candy, an hour of cartoons and MTV, and a good heaping bowl of fun. This should help them from learning and make their brains nice and firm again. Some teachers aren’t evil and turn students brains into mush, but are new to the teaching environment and only know to give a lot of homework because that’s what they see all the older experienced teachers do.

I’d think that they’d be more clever then that, being as young as they are. First are the business management teachers. They are always young teachers who are in their late 20’s and have no sense of style. That’s why they got into the subject of business in the first place. Their walls are bare of any color at all and it makes students feel like they are in a jail cell for a whole hour.

They may be dull, but I’d think that they’d be intelligent enough to know when to take their own advice and listen to what they teach their students. They teach about ethics and being ethical in business and how it’s only best and correct to do the right thing. Well, they need to take their own advice. They need to ask themselves: Is it really ethical to be giving students this much homework? If they were smart enough they would catch on that the answer is no and would figure out that there’s something fishy going on with the older teachers, but no way will that ever happen as long as schools keep hiring the young and the clueless. Next there are the Math and History teachers who are usually young men straight out of college that are practically as immature as the average high school boy. They may be immature, but they must be smart if they got as far as to make it through college and grab a job as a high school teacher.

Yet again they have proven this to be incorrect by not listening to what they teach their students. In history teachers are always teaching about the most important events that happened in history and know all the dates by heart. Two key events they were missing was the Sleepless in Seattle War and the city that came to never sleep, Las Vegas. Students were given so much homework by a teacher in Seattle that to stay motivated and keep awake they had to turn it into a battle to see who could win and stay up the longest. It became a nightmare when they were so sleepless that they became irritated with each other and began to go at each other with the sharpest pencils they could find and the pointiest hornets they could fling. Then in Las Vegas an act was passed that prohibited sleep so that teachers could assign even more homework.

It came to be a bad idea because students did not know what to do with out sleep and began terrorizing the town by skipping around flinging sleeping dust onto the city so that it could sleep. In the end there was a wide awake city covered in a lot of sleeping dust that brought along horrible allergies. Last there is the math teacher. They should be blamed most of all. They’re the ones that are so good at number that I’d think they’d realize the amount of homework they give students is so much that even on the calculator it comes out to be an error. If a calculator can’t handle that many numbers than students can’t handle that many hours of homework.

It’s simple math. If math teachers can’t even do simple math then what is the world coming to. It’s a scary time in life right now when teachers only care about turning their students into zombies and making them popular and don’t know the important events that have happened in our history and don’t take their own advice and don’t know how to do simple math. It’s a mad world this time is coming to and students need to be alarmed and watch out because school is a dangerous place to be since they have informed the must do homework policy.