Free Essay on Homework

Teenagers have very chaotic lives, especially during their junior year of high school.

While balancing a job, multiple rigorous college courses, SAT testing, college research, a tiny social life, and extracurricular activities, it can become quite stressful. Teachers, however, seem to forget about this time period in their life. It seems as if they think all we do is party and slumber. Therefore, they feel the need to indulge us with work, because from their point of view, were just kids, and don’t have anything better to do with our time. The last minutes of history class sluggishly tick by as slow chatter starts to rise in the class room while our teacher checks her e-mail.

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“The weather this weekend is going to be great!” she announces, “In the 60s and 70s, make sure you go outside and enjoy it!” At this comment, I have to chuckle to myself. She had just assigned us to outline and SOAPS a fifteen-page chapter. Given, that is not a lot of homework. It would take me a good two hours to read the chapter and thoroughly complete the assignment as she expects us to. With this workload, I might be able to sneak out and play soccer in my backyard for an hour and actually enjoy this gorgeous Florida weather! Nevertheless, my planner holds several other assignments that must all be completed this weekend, including an example essay journal, a tedious math assignment, a Psychology study guide, song research for Contemporary Literature , SAT practice, Biology guided readings and a baby diary, and 4 Chemistry worksheets, all while reading 3 books simultaneously (which can become quite confusing). Teachers often assume that their class is the one and only class their students have to worry about.

A comment from the same teacher a few days before stuck in my mind. There were two minutes left in class and naturally, the students in the class began to pack up in order to exit the classroom on time and report to their next class promptly. However, this seemed to displease our teacher and frustrate her to the point where she stopped conversing with us and sat down at her desk. “You guys are teenagers, I guess you have a lot more better things on your mind then American History” she announced to the silent classroom. I was not one of the student who was packing up while she was talking, for I know if I was a teacher, I would not like my students to do that while I was lecturing, but, I don’t think the comment she made helped to emphasize her point. I think it’s quite obvious that as teens, we have many things more important that American History on our minds.

We have college to worry about, on top of all of our other demanding classes. We have upcoming tests and appointments to keep on top of. With so much work pressed on us, how can we possibly devote the full necessary time needed for that one class, treating it as if it was the one and only class we had. If teachers lightened their work load that they lay on top of students, layer after layer, our performance might be able to greatly improve. We would be able to spend more time with our families instead of trapped in our rooms.

We could dedicate more time to the few assignment we would have, producing quality work. Possibly, just maybe, we might even be able to go outside and enjoy the nice 60-70 degree weather when it comes.