Essay on Homework in School

Lets be honest homework isn’t the something you get excited for when you wake up in the morning. Homework just isn’t fun and it dosnt matter the reason homework just isn’t rally fun.

Homework is supposed to be a practice although nobody takes into consideration if there is a true understanding of the topic. As a “practice” homework dosent suffice as a true method of getting a student better at a specific subject. It is a fact that discussion engages students reguardless of learning capability and capacity. Interaction is were most if not all students gain true understanding nof from flipping through pages in a book.When students complete their work within a class setting they can compare and contrast said work with others and see what was wrong and why as well as understanding why the right answer is the right answer. Just giving a student a paper wont show you if the student actually understands the topic.

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Continuing on the topic of understanding the homework in itself, in many instances homework can be to difficult for a student . everyone dis different and handles difficulties differently. Within the difference in how these difficulties are handled, many pople become irate or discouraged when they are trying hard to figure out a topic and they just cannot. As a caveate to the students frustration the sometimes will give up on it completely. Along with giving up, the students grade will have a negative affect. Not only the students that find the work too difficult can be discouraging.

The students who find themselves saying the work is very easy often are just as discouraged as those who find the work very difficult. When many of these students look at the work they start out completing it with ease although in time these students will stop completing the work. When these students stop attempting the work it is because they know they don’t need the practice and often fall behind unintentionally. This will also be the product of lower grades with many students. In conclusion I state that homework isn’t for everyone because not everyone needs the practice.

Some people need a little more discussion instead of just books and papers. Homework most likely wont ever be removed completely and I suggest to make it more interactive. We are in the age of technology and maybe one day homework will be something everyone does although today’s method of homework needs to be changed