“Dang it!”; “Ugh, why?!”; “More?” Those are just some of the phrases we say when we get assigned homework. I believe that homework should not exist at all. It is just one more thing to add to a student’s after school to-do list.

It’s useless. Most people hate or strongly dislike homework. A lot of people think it makes them worse in school. Well, sometimes, it does.Lot of students, like me, have sports, chores, etc. Homework just adds to the pressure! The truth is, teachers, homework doesn’t do anything! It has no effect whatsoever, except one thing.

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Stress. I, for example, have firsthand experience with that. I ride the bus everyday to either practice for a sport, or a game. Those last until about 5:00 or later if there was a game. If I have practice, then afterwards I go to the Y with my mom and practice even more.

By that time, it is about 6:00. Then, I have to go home, do my chores, and eat dinner, then shower. By then it is usually 7:30 or 8:00, and my bedtime is 9:00. I barely have time to do my homework, and sometimes I get home later than even that. I am really tired when I have to do homework, so my brain is tired. Research says that when your brain has more energy, it works better.

That means that I am more likely to get the problems wrong anyways. According to greatschools, homework is in fact, quite useless. It doesn’t have any positive academic effect on students, so therefore it should be either taken away completely, or at least reduced. These books also state the same case- The End Of Homework; The Homework Myth; and the film Race To Nowhere. We all get at least 7 hours of school everyday, right? In my school, we all have 3 opportunities to have a study hall, and I say, if we still end up having homework, that we should use those times to get it done, or get help from a teacher.

My friend Hannah sometimes has to leave gymnastics early because she has so much homework and won’t have time to get it done! That’s just ridiculous! Teachers are constantly saying that the more you’re involved in, the better. Well, if they always give us homework, such as Hannah’s example, we won’t even have time! Some activities, such as travelling volleyball for me, my parents payed a lot of money for me to be able to do that, and if they see that I have too much homework to even participate in those things, they’re going to be really mad. Boy, isn’t that a great thing to look forward to. Whether you have a busy schedule or not, homework still doesn’t do anything the teachers want it to do. Kids shouldn’t have that extra pressure and stress on them just because of homework, it’s just not right! Please stop giving out so much homework, it only makes it worse!