How Europe has benefited from its geographical location and physical features

Europe is among the world’s seven continents.

The continent is surrounded by Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and the black sea. The continent houses fifty countries of the world and is the second smallest (Commission, 2008). The continent is strategically positioned to interact with the other continents of the world. The continent is fully surrounded by water which makes it the most accessible continent in the world. Its close contact with water makes it a great trading center in the world.

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Europe has been endowed with vast physical features ranging from the central uplands, the north lowlands, the alpine system, and the western uplands (Commission, 2008). This varied landscape support numerous economic activities ranging from coal mining to tourism. The continent’s mild temperate climate makes it a comfortable interaction place for many cultures across the world. The European Union has been championing the formation of a supra national government whereby the member states will be required to submit their sovereignty. The supra ruling government will be given all the powers to rule over the nations. This is expected to grow the European Union stronger and it is expected to be more effective.

However this move will be greatly affected if some states decide not to buy the idea of losing their individual sovereignty (Barringer, 2005). This becomes a great threat to the supra national ruling government. If this proposal is passed through, it would be the only in the world. The main aim of this supra government is to create a global movement which is inventible by ay state outside the supra power. The European Union will become therefore a hybrid organization which is neither political nor conventional.