Eight Features of Feline Affection

So, you think your cat loves you do you? Well you know you love your cat, heck between the pictures of cats in sweaters and videos of cats bathing I think the whole internet knows you love your cat. But sometimes you’re not so sure the feeling is mutual.

Maybe it’s just hard to feel the love when Fluffy has your hand in his mouth or when you wake up at 3am to the sound of breaking glass and Mittens is sitting innocently on your dresser where your lamp used to be. Then there is the way your cat looks at you. It’s nothing like the gaze of loving devotion and unwavering trust that dogs give their owners. Cats give a look that is something between possessive and disgusted. I think they are saying something along the lines of “You are mine, human, now bring me more food!” As a cat owner you take it take it and tell yourself that there is a hint of tenderness behind those eyes just so you don’t question why you brought this creature into your home.

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Deep down though you really begin to question whether your cat sees you as more than just a food source. Fear not there are a few sign to help you tell if your kitty compadre actually loves you. 1. Tantalizing Tummy: I would say that the proof is literally in the pudding your cat’s pudding tummy that is. When they expose their furry underside it is a sign that they trust you. 2.

Deep Purr: Cats will purr for different reasons, but they have a deep full body rumble that they unleash only for that special someone. 3. Head Butting: Cats have special glands on their face that give off pheromones. Every time they butt up against you they rub off some of these pheromones. When they do this they are marking you as their person and it means you hold an important place in their heart.

4. Kneading: No, your cat is not tenderizing you for later. Kneading is actually something that kittens do to stimulate their mother’s milk. When they do it to you it may be because they are reliving the comfort of their kitten days. 5. Blinking: If you find yourself in a staring contest your cat may decide to slowly close his eyes.

This is known as a cat kiss and means your cat really trusts you. 6. Presents: Cats aren’t known for their wonderful taste in gifts but when they happen to bring you a dead (or not so dead) little critter it is a sign of friendship. 7. Cuddling: Cats like to sleep in warm places where they feel safe. When your cat decides to curl up and take a nap with you it means he feels safe with you.

8. Grooming: It’s not often that cats choose to grace humans with the tickle of their tongue so when your cat blesses you with this attention it is a sure sign that he loves you.