How to analyze a case study? Ideas and Features

The principal idea of a case study includes putting students’ efforts together and solving issues. Developing and evaluation of the proposed algorithms of the solution are an expected result of the work. Afterward, the best option is selected and implemented in practice.The method of situational analysis is used mostly in teaching economics and business sciences abroad.

The case study course was applied firstly in 1870. Business problems and solutions of case studies join hands in the modern educational system. Not without purpose, this technique is actively used in business schools. Its introduction at the Harvard Business School began in 1920.

Common case study ideas and features

  • Improving professional skills is the main idea of a course.
  • The presence of a pluralism of truth in the disciplines for which the method is intended. The teaching task immediately deviates from the classical scheme. It is focused on the development of several solutions.
  • The emphasis of training is transferred to the co-creation of a student and teacher. The democracy is a fundamental difference between this method and traditional ones.

    The student is equal to the teacher in the discussion.

  • The undoubted advantage of situational analysis is not only the acquisition of knowledge and formation of practical The growth of the system of professional positions and attitudes is also important.
  • The method involves applying theoretical knowledge in practice. It promotes the development of independent thinking among students, taking into account an alternative point of view and giving their own reasoning.

Principal steps involved in case study analysis

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