How Important Is College?

For a long time and for most of us, “college” was more or less a synonym for success. College was seen as a must to our parents and the only pathway to success. College would also guarantee us a good income or better than the average person who doesn’t attend college. But some people may disagree and say college is not needed and often refer to billionaires who didn’t go to college or dropped out, but, it’s not everyday you see a billionaire. To be honest I agree that college is a must. College to me is essential to everyone, and, everyone should get the opportunity to further their education however, I understand the expenses of college and how it leaves a lot of people in debt for their whole life.

But college can definitely help you in lots of ways in the long run. A college education would be one of the best investments of money and time a person can make. According to the American Community Survey (ACS) that was released by the U.S. Census Bureau said that those who held a bachelor’s degree were expected to earn a 40-year lifetime salary of about $2.

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4 million on average, while high school graduates only took in a lifetime salary of about $1.4 million ( On average, those who held master’s degrees earned $2.8 million.

Holders of professional degrees could expect lifetime earnings in excess of $4 million. Also college degree makes you more qualified than the average person. Also if you and a high school graduate were going for the same job you would get chosen just about every time. If you need to further your education college is definitely the place you wanna go. For a lot of people professions/jobs in order to do it you need a college degree for it. That shows the importance of a college degree and how much better it can make you in what you wanna do in life.

Going to college for sure can connect you with all the people you need to know in life. College offers further education in just about any