How Important Is Sex Ed?

What is the most important subject in school? Math, science, language, or maybe it’s sex ed. Unlike all the other subjects in school, no matter what, you will encounter sex in your life, whether it’s kissing or having kids. Even though sex ed is one of the most controversial topics it still needs to be taught.

For years kids have been confused about how to use a condom, what STI’s and STD’s are, and even about what a healthy relationship is. There are some girls who think that their boyfriends only loves them if he beats her, as the Huffington Post reported about an 18-year-old girl named Romina with a large following online. Even if you had sex ed the teacher sometimes used fear, shame, and negative examples. Like what Rachel Puleo experienced, her teacher passed around a peanut butter cup and told people to do whatever they wanted to it and they did, but once it got to everyone her teacher finally said, “Having sex with more than one person is exactly the same. No one wants to eat the peanut butter cup so why would someone want to have sex with you if you have been ‘passed around'”. Sex ed is controversial and being taught incorrectly, but sex is something everyone will experience.

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Even though it is one of the most controversial topics in schools, some parents don’t want it, teachers don’t want to teach it, and some believe that it will make their kids want to have sex more. The reason for this is because the school and parents think their teaching too much, like teaching about condoms or learning about same-sex relationships, but both of these things are very important. What if your child does have sex? Do you want them protected? Or do you want to risk pregnancy?Birth control is a very big discussion, that’s usually why teachers decide not to teach it or just give a very basic rundown of it. Birth Control can be one of the most helpful things in life if you are sexually active. From condoms to the pill it can prevent pregnancy and even some STDs, but one of the most effective types of birth control is an intrauterine device. The IUD is this tiny little T shaped object that is inserted into your uterus and tricks your brain into thinking it’s pregnant.

These tiny things can last up to 12 years depending on which one you get and they are over 99% effective according to planned parenthood, even though inserting them might hurt they are worth it. Colorado has had a huge decline in pregnancies because of IUDs, they lowered the cost of them and made them more accessible. The teenage birth rate dropped by 40% according to the New York Times in 2015. it was pretty clear that teaching the kids about abstinence wasn’t working, and it really hasn’t for anywhere else. The myth goes that when you teach kids about abstinence and maybe scare them with the worst things that could happen with sex they will become abstinent, but this is anything but true.

By not teaching them about sex and the possibilities they become more prone to pregnancy and STDs. According to Advocates For Youth, Abstinence only until Marriage Programs 11 states have examined the results of abstinence-only programs and have seen that they do not stop teen pregnancy or sexual activity. And they have also been accused of being a separation of church and state (government funded ones). Another thing that needs to be talked about is how you teach kids and teens about sex. If you teach a bunch of myths or myths that have been proven wrong, they’re going to end up confused.

Like the myth like only girls are pressured into sex, that abstinence is the only morally correct option or just having biased opinions like that sex is only between a man and a woman, which aren’t correct at all. By teaching negatively like this you’re only setting them up for failure, maybe even having them ending them up sexually confused; which is not okay, but there is an easy fix for this problem, which is getting someone who isn’t afraid of the facts, easy to understand, and who is open to hearing everyone’s story and questions. One last thing I would like to touch on is how sex affects everyone. You might not be in a sexual relationship with a partner, but you were a product of sex, and almost everything is. Humans were made to reproduce and that’s why we have periods, testicles, and hormones. Even though all of that comes at an early age that doesn’t mean that we’re ready for everything but it’s good to teach about it so it can be drilled into our brains.

Especially teaching about STDs, yeast infections, sexual assault help, and same-sex relationships. In conclusion, sex is a part of everyone’s life, no matter what, and by not teaching it correctly kids might end up sexually confused or even pregnant. This can easily be changed by correcting ourselves, fighting for better sex ed programs and just researching more until we find a solution. Like what Colorado did by having cheap and accessible birth control. I know parents and teachers want to keep their children safe but you can’t be there for every single second of their lives so by teaching them what to do well, hope they keep themselves safe.