How I've Changed

I ask myself a lot of questions. I ask myself what I’m going to wear every day, I ask myself what to do when I’m bored. But today I ask myself a different question. I ask myself the question most teenage high school students ask themselves. How have I changed and progressed throughout the year.

I ask myself how I’ve changed, what I expected, and what I would do differently. Well first off, I changed in several ways. I got a little taller since high school started for me. My hair got darker, and I weigh a little more. I’ve changed emotionally because, emotionally, I’ve become more stable.

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I used to get offended easier, but now I’m not as easily offended. I feel I’ve gotten smarter and I’ve learned more about high school. I expected a lot more drama. I expected things to become easier and to become more fun, but high school doesn’t change much over night. I expected school lunches to be worse, but they surprisingly weren’t that bad. I thought that teachers would be meaner but they weren’t too mean.

Finally, since my high school experience started, I wouldn’t change a thing. That’s what I’ve learned. I’ve learned everything happens for a reason and that you shouldn’t want to change too much because then, you won’t enjoy your life like it is now. And also, you wouldn’t have as much experience with right and wrong if you changed what you’ve already done. So lastly, I’ve grown and changed a lot throughout the year. I’ve met new people, experimented with new things and got a feel for what high school is truly like.

So thank you for reading, and that was MY, high school journal.