How my writing has changed

American Studies and this past year have changed my writing massively over the past year and this semester. This is due in part to Dragon Speak , and getting my grades and life together .

Before my writing involved me at the last minuet throwing whatever BS I could together, regardless of the topic or class. So going intro American Studies I assumed this would be more of the same BS papers and half assign everything, I was wrong. The first few weeks I was able to BS my papers and still sliding by, but around November things changed. I had my IEP meeting early in November and it was a wake up call to say the least. I realized by every one tell me I could not half ass my work any more. Also I needed to use things that could make my life Easier like Dragon Speak.

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In mind how ever there was no way in hell I was going to do something that would make me look or get traded differently. So for a wile it was an uphill battle, I was digging myself into a deeper whole. Then something clicked, it was 10:30 I had a paper due for studies. I knew BS wouldn’t cut it. So I grabbed my laptop threw on dragon and figured it wouldn’t work and I knew I would just BS the majority of my paper. So as I plugged in my headphones and something amazing happened.

As I began to talk I picked up my every last word. Normally 4 PG paper would have taken me 3 hours and been the majority of which would have been BS. Changed into a 30 min paper of no Bs what so ever. This got me thinking, ” Why should I screw myself over” so over the next few weeks I started to train my self on dragon, my grades went up, which made my self coidance went up. I then realized that I no longer had to care about how I was viewed, the only thing I cared was getting my grades together and embracing the assets I have. Over the last 3 months my writing has improved I am the first one to suggest I use dragon, and because of this my self-cofdacnre and independence have shot up.