How to manage stress

To new students attending high school, do not be fretful about your life. Stress comes in many forms and can be concurred. School, being with friends or dealing with adults are all forms of stress that can thwart your everyday life. School is a very excruciating ordeal that we all have to attend. There is the homework to do every night, the test that we have to study for or the extracurricular activities that we involve ourselves in. School is not malignant at all.

If you can see past the fact that yes it is boring or long and realize that going is only going to help you in the future. Hanging with friends can be very stressful as well. Drama is ubiquitous and can be found in all sorts of situations. Boyfriend and girlfriends is a great example of drama. Relationships can consume you take your mind off the things that are more important. I’m not saying that all friends are bad.

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Many can help respite the stress or the fatigue that you get. Adults are another harbinger of stress. Teens by this age now what to get as remote as possible from their parents. We want to be able to what we want what when we want. Parents only add stress to other ordeals that we have to overcome. Always on us about school or telling us how late we can stay out.

The best thing that you can do is just listen to them and trust that what they are telling you is the best. All that I am trying to reverberate here is that stress is real. But there are many ways to overcome it.