Teenage Stress

Everyone wants something from teenagers. They try but it’s seems as it’s never good enough. Teenagers have to wake up for school at six in the morning, after a night staying up late doing homework. Getting ready for school is a daily routine that brings anyone on stress. Teen girls would love go to school with their hair up in a bun, and in pajamas, but that would only make them feel like an outcast.

Picking out clothes and making their hair “perfect” is surely a stressful way to start the day. School days are stressful to begin with. Six and a half hours of teachers bickering and nagging at students to do things. Most teenagers that deal with a lot of stress then have to deal with the anger problems that follow. Some teachers these days are dealing with their own problems and don’t feel it’s necessary to teach students; they would rather them teach it to themselves. Teenagers are expected to be able to teach themselves, do worksheets on material they haven’t been taught, and remember it for future tests.

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Most teens today are not self taught people and stress over not knowing how to do tings, when in reality it isn’t their fault. That’s where the anger starts to kick in. There are some teenagers today that may be good at dealing with stress, but the majority can’t handle their stress and end up doing things they will regret later. Fights happen for no reason and drama starts. People become really irritating and everyone gossips and before you know it, everyone’s affected.

Rumors are spread and people are hurt for no reason. This is why teenagers these days hate school so much. They want to get out of this place that only brings then stress and drama. When they get home however, they end up having hours of unnecessary homework. That’s the last thing any teenager wants to think about when they get home. They just spent all day doing work and now they have to do more.

Teenagers try to relieve their stress in different ways. They try to run their problems, or they to shut everyone else out but the stress is always right there waiting for them. Parents bring the teen on more stress, nagging about chores and work and it only makes things worse. At this point teens just want to get away from everything and anyone. Facebook is usually a great distraction from everyday issues, but it only brings on more drama and problems.

Teenagers use facebook as a way to vent their feelings and aggressions towards other people which starts a ton of drama. Girls in high school seem to think facebook is a way to get back at other girls for whatever reason. They post mean things and hurtful comments that start drama and fights. Not everyone has a stress-free home life, but the six and a half hours teens spend at school everyday shouldn’t be so stressful. If teenagers weren’t so stressed out then they could certainly achieve more with their lives.

There are ways for teenagers to have a successful day with no stress, but it requires everyone doing their parts to be stress-free. If everyone had an open mind when they woke up in the morning then surely their days would start off better. If everyone did their parts to help each other out and not start drama then teenagers wouldn’t be as stressed out as they are. Teenagers should continue to find ways to relive their stress in a healthier ways such as sports and arts. Finding a hobby will make each and every day better for a teenager.