Teenage Angst

It’s difficult getting through your teen years without getting a couple of bumps and bruises along the way. Everyone is finally growing out of their awkward phases but hormones are still all over the place. Relationship drama is everywhere and between experimenting with drugs, drinking and sex you’re staying up until 12 am watching Youtube, reading books, finishing homework, or dealing with insomnia. Or you’re just up late at night questioning the wonders of the universe: Does god really exist? Does my life really matter? Am I really gay? While it’s true that being a teenager sucks, high school is really the place where everything just falls apart. Between hormone induced rage and oily pimple breakouts high school still expects a lot from it’s sleep deprived, fatigued students.

They push their students to get As, encourage them to do extra-curricular actives and still have a well balanced, manageable life. It gets to the point where students often choose finishing homework over a night with the family, and studying instead of spending time with friends. Sometimes teachers, parents and adults wonder why teens are so angsty and depressed. It makes me want to laugh when they ask me why, because they are all part of the problem. Don’t they see that we’re still growing up? We’re not ready to hold the weight of school pressures on our shoulders yet, we already have enough low-self esteem and depression to keep us weighed down for next four years. So, parents, adults, and teachers: instead of gawking at our over the top outbreaks and stressed out, give us a break, let us know that you care 🙂

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