How to Study

I myself have problems with studying, but I have found a way that helps a great deal. Magazines, books, and the Internet are all good places to find studying tips and tricks, so if my process doesn’t work for you, it’s easy to find one that does.

The first thing you do, is identify things that you find easy to remember, and things that you just can’t remember, no matter how long or hard you bang your head on the table. If there is anything that you have to study that you don’t quite understand, ask a teacher or parent to help you. If you don’t understand something, you’ll definitely not remember it. Next, write the things you can’t seem to remember on flash cards. I know what you’re thinking. “Flash cards? They’re for elementary school”.

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As dumb as they might seem, flash cards actually work really well. Don’t put a whole page on a flash card, just put what is important. Flash cards are good for every subject. You can put mathematical definitions, vocabulary words, steps of the Krebs cycle, or the definition of a satrap on them. When have to remember a definition of a word, in English or another language, or remember where a place is on a map, just use both sides of the card. Also, try to remember to take notes in class, your teacher may tell you something that isn’t in your book, but is on a test or a quiz.

Now, the most important part of studying is repetition. As irritating and time-wasting as it may seem, you have to read flash cards and other notes over and over and over again. You can read before you go to bed, on commercials, riding in the car (But stop if you get sick), and another time you tell your parents, “I’m soooo bored”. Now, don’t forget those other things you were able to remember, because although you knew them before, as you study the other things, you can easily forget the rest. Next, DO NOT STUDY FOR EIGHT HOURS THE DAY BEFORE YOUR TEST!!!! Take my word for it, it does not work as well as you think it would, and it makes your head feel like it’s going to explode. Not only does reading everything before the test not work very well, it also stresses you out way too much.

You’ll get tired very quickly. Lastly, don’t stress. If you stress out and feel like you’re going to faint when your teacher puts that test on you desk, you won’t remember ANYTHING. Just calm down, and concentrate on everything you studied. This whole studying thing may seem like a waste, but it helps when you need it.