How to Win in Education Correctly

Kindergarten: Growing up I believe I excelled in a couple of genres. I had an innate talent to grab anything educational, because that is what I was told to do. I was taught that no one will give everything to your hand. You must work for an objective to receive.

In my case, my parents wanted me to excel in school. And of course I did. It was easy for me and my arrogant self. I did not go to school to learn. I went to school because that was expected of me. There was a class that always left a bad taste in my mouth, english.

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No, not just for the subject itself, but for my teacher… Ms. Meade. She reminded me of a wicked witch that would always pick on me out of the crowd. Yeah, I know I deserved it at times such as drinking someone else’s drink, pushing a kid by “accident” (don’t know if it was on accident), and always making the weirdest remarks. But the teachers cannot blame me for not doing their jobs.

I mean they never told me anything about germs or ever teach me right from wrong. I had always thought lunch was a snack. That lunch was a single item. Because that was what I was taught. Not eating too much so the rations could spare. I never listened to that rude b****.

.. I mean teacher. I wish she had taught me how to read because boy oh boy, did that affect me. But the main reason I went to school was because of recess.

I would go around the playground, and the playground would go around me. We had a bond that could not be broken. This was the place I reminisced about why I came to school. I mean of course I did. My friends would always bring in all these cursed objects to school.

And of course I would get in trouble due to the fact that they pinned it on me. Not just the school, but my parents as well. Now my parents were always nice, but they were slightly strict. My mother and father would get very irritated with me for never listening to their words of advice. I enjoyed their advices and all, but I never felt like listening or going by it.

Anyway, that playground was my utopia, at the time. Until we moved. Fourth Grade: Wait… remember how I said that I excelled in multiple genres. Well that slowly diminished. The reason was because my neighborhood was always picking on me. In our neighborhood if you followed the rules, you were considered a loser.

And as a child that hurt. Your heart was the center of a laughing stock and was repeatedly punched because it was a punching bag. It was at that moment I wanted to stop being a loser. I was willing to give up any knowledge I once strived for just to be accepted and fit in with my neighborhood. At times I just wanted to run during the lit night to the playground. To lay down by a tree, to think about why school was a burden to me.

If I was not smart maybe they would accept me. I think it had to do with the our similar style. We both used an afro hairstyle, always stood tall even after all the harsh words, and we both had dreams of producing something wonderful. Well a couple weeks passed and I had made a new friend. I am going to call him Rick because he was a general looking Rick.

He was my best friend of all time. My only friend in fact. Of course when I went to school I only talked to Rick. He made me feel great. The kind of great only a true friend could offer. Unfortunately it was not enough to cheer me from such a crude place.

During this time, I felt there was no point in winning in education. There was no winning for me anymore, I began to second guess school. I began skipping school so I wouldn’t have to deal with such problems. Eighth Grade: After fourth grade is when I was placed in smarter than the average (I think) classes. From then on I met new people, yet felt that I didn’t fit in with them. All they did was play soccer and talk about school.

It was certainly different than from home. They always talked about the best soccer player or which soccer team they played for. And I did what I thought would be entertaining and a new experience, I joined their group. Winning in education meant nothing to me. I had opportunities multiple students around the globe did not have, yet I had no remorse about it. After meeting and interacting with the kids I moved on to games.

Not physical games… video games. It was a hobby to do in the day, not that it has changed, but not as relevant anymore. I would always see a website called Youtube where everyone could see videos. And I was curious how gamers could be hilarious by making gaming videos.

I soon found a dream of starting a Youtube Channel to interact with people I don’t know. I guess I want my own fans. Someone who can cheer me on and I can give the same back. As my years in eighth grade went on, I only stuck close to real friends. Of course by this time I was popular and had friends, but was still teased and messed around by those..

. crude jerks. By this time you would think I would at least get a hint of taking my opportunities that most kids do not have. But I didn’t. Why is that? Why was I so caught up in fitting in rather than education. I personally don’t know.

What was clouding up my mind that made me think so foolishly? I couldn’t tell you. But what I do know is that I’ve changed. High School: During my three years in this high school, I have noticed I cannot let my parent’s hard work go to waste. I believed that it was too late to change and there was no point in changing my thoughts. From time-to-time I feel that I have lost in education. Not taking those opportunities really affected me in the future by not being able to do things I really wanted to do.

Winning in education does not mean how much knowledge one is able to attain in their course of history, but how you were able to use that knowledge and impact the lives of others. In my case, being able to tell my kids the the difference between a snack and a food can greatly broaden their sense of knowledge. Even though I was only able to eat rations as a kid, I retained that sense of feeling. By working hard for the kids that set changes of tomorrow, they might be able to take advantages that took me years to figure out. Even helping someone with a problem is winning in education. The fact that you were able to use your knowledge and impacted, not yours but, someone else’s life is winning in education.

Saul of Tarsus was once a man who did not like Christians. He was unsatisfied with the destruction that he had led of Jerusalem. Saul of Tarsus despised the christians by locking up men and women who were “believers”. As he confronted the man he was persecuting, he had a change of heart. He then went on to do successful missionaries.

Saul was then known as Apostle Paul after changing his malevolent ways (his name was always paul, just shifted). He impacted many people’s’ lives by going around and talking about his belief. Just as Paul was able to change, we are all able to change. We are able to set our priorities by taking advantages of our opportunities. Through my education experiences, I know I will never take anything for granted. Neither should you… because we can all use our opportunities to gain knowledge; and use that knowledge to impact one another; and use the effect of how you impacted someone to win in education.