Sex Education Importance

Should schools have sex education? Why is it so important forkids to be taught sex ednow, as a preteen or teen? In some parts of the world, kids are being taught sex ed, but not all kids are being taught in sex ed classes.

As a result, lots of kids that aren’t taught sex ed are transmitting diseases and getting pregnant. We really need to consider sex ed. It is beneficial because it prevent STD’s and HIV from spreading around the world. My second reason that sex ed is beneficial is because it prevents unwanted pregnancies from happening. I think schools should teach sex educationalthough students may feel uncomfortable, because schoolsshould prepare students for the real world. One way sex education is beneficial is that it prevents STD’s and HIV from spreading.

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According to, statistics in the U.S. about sex education,”In fact, 89 percent of males and 88 percent of females ages 15 to 19 have received information on how to prevent HIV/AIDS.” (Smith, 2011).This evidencehighlight statisticsthata large amount of students are learning how to prevent the spread ofSTD or any other.

If youcan imagine how much more students can learn to prevent, then maybe wecan stop these diseases from spreading at all. To add on, how many students are getting to learn this important topic at the starting grade of middle school years, “Ninety-two percent of males and 93 percent of females ages 15 to 19 have also received formal sex education on the topic of STDs before they turned 18 years of age, with the majority of respondents indicating they first received this information in middle school (6th through 8th grades)”(Smith, 2011). This evidence shows the number of teenagers learning about the deadly diseases in their middle school years. One can only wonder how many more students can learn about their safety for their body. Some might argue that kids should learn about sex from parents,students wouldn’t learn much willnot learn much from their parents and might get the wrong idea, or parents might tell them the wrong thing. Another reason why sex education is beneficial is that it prevents unwanted pregnancies from happening.

However experts say, teens pregnancy rates are going down, “Teen births and abortions also have fallen respectively by one-third and one-half.”(sanghavi,2012) This evidenceis one example of sex education working and stoping practiceswith teenagers. One can only wonder what if this had happened earlier for some people? Furthermore, expert talks about the rate of pregnancies,”These programs have not been shown to initiate early sexual activity or to increase levels of sexual activity or numbers of sexual partners among sexually active youth.”(Kirby,2007) This evidence highlights how because of sex education programs they haven’t seen a lot sexual activestudents.If you can imagine if we really consider how much more unwanted pregnancies can fall if more students may learn about sex education. In conclusion, I do believe that schools should have sex education.

In the long run we should consider what our students are doing outside of school. We have less unwanted pregnancies from students because more students are being teach sex ed. But not enough students are being teach sex ed so more STDs/HIV from spreading around. We need to consider teaching more students about sex education, so we can protect ourselves from these dangers.