Importance of My Writing

Writing is a nuisance, if assigned or done in a bad way. There is not a perfect writing assignment, but some are something that no student likes to do. Today, we will explore my opinion on different writing assignments and ways of writing on your own time. My writing is generally more important to me when I make it out of my own will. When I have power over my writing it’s more lovable in nearly every way.

In my strange way, when I write out of school it is always more linear than when I’m in school. I plan out how I’m going to write more, because I actually want it to satisfy my own expectations, not the teacher’s. My writing is also more exciting in this area, as I get to speak about topics that I would be embarrassed to give to my teacher. My style of writing is more free in topic, and generally isn’t so dull and predictable as the things I turn in. And by that I mean that my free-writing does not tend to follow proper writing format or plotline. I just write.

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I don’t think about proper paragraph separation, introductory and closing paragraphs, or main ideas in paragraphs. In high school, things are different. I mostly only like writing if there is absolutely no structure to it. It must be entirely free-form. I can’t bear to restrict myself by others in this way.

I tend to like writing in high school if the topic chosen by the teacher is good, or there is no topic. I also love when teachers come up with innovative formats for the students to write in. I can’t name any because, well, no teachers have had innovative formats for me yet. I hate writing when the teachers pick a topic that is not compatible with my writing habits or tastes. When teachers take structure to an extreme, and it seems as if you just have a topic and the essay writes it for you, that’s just bad teaching. And I absolutely abhor when teachers are vague about their assignments.

In elementary school, I hated all writing. I hated structured writing, as I do now. I hated free writing, as I could never think of anything. I hated innovative topics, because it was even further out there than writing was for me. Elementary school teachers need to be better about that.

I blame myself a bit for that era, though. Let’s elaborate on the forced topics. Forced topics can be okay. When the assignment are really short, it just gives me direction. Also, when the topic is appealing to me, or is something I would have done anyway, it is okay.

Forced topics are, however, generally bad. They just limit my expansion and destroy my main influence over the assignment. Now, let’s talk about free writing. There are some problems there. I often get writer’s block when there’s no general direction.

Okay, maybe there’s just one problem. It’s fun! All things about free writing are fun, because you see your topic grow and blossom into a beautiful cherry tree. I like the theorizing involved in free writing. The coming up with things is just the best part of writing. In general, writing is fun.

Teachers can be big problems. A bigger problem is attitude. It all comes down to what you feel. The outcome is based upon your opinion of the assignment or writing.