Human Beings

Human beings like celebrations. We celebrate the birth of additional members to our families and all the milestones that accompany them till death. Death is the dark cloud that seems to be forever present and forever loathed by all.

It is a fundamental fact that we are all born and this comes with the obvious fact that we will all face death at some point in life. When a person is old enough to understand the chain of life, then one becomes more aware of how to lead their life in a way that will be fulfilling for the length of their life. An accompanying fact is that there is a connection between the life choices that one makes and the king of end they have since it is all a long intertwined inevitable chain. After the celebration of any addition to a family, no one really thinks of a death occurring within the family. However, it is one of the things that affect each one of us since we all know of people who have lost their loved ones and it has also happened to all of us.

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Death is just but one of the things that we cannot wish away. Whether one is rich or poor, it does not discriminate. Some people may be blessed and fortunate to have wealth and power but in the end, death puts everyone on equal ground. Some people live in fancy houses and enjoy a life of luxury but their end is still death. Death does not choose the form it comes in since some people get sick, others are involved in accidents while others just simply go to bed and never wake up.

The ways to die are endless and can affect just about anyone without favor. It is however important that we all take our lives seriously since life is not a rehearsal and usually we cannot get back life once it is lost. This is especially so for the people who may find themselves sick. Some people dismiss illnesses and do not take symptoms seriously until it is too late. It is advisable that people understand that fate can be controlled. Fate is that which was bound to happen and which will eventually come to pass.

If one was to die on a particular day, then no amount of hiding or evasion will save that person. For example, one may have been sick and immediately go to hospital in search ofmedical attention. Medication will be administered to make him better and one will go home feeling good about himself. On crossing the road, a car might just knock him and he will end up dead. Some may call it bad luck while others may see it as fate taking its course.

There has been documented evidence of people surviving death traps and other death defying scenarios some even without a scratch only to die of the simplest things, like tripping on a stone as they walked. This can be considered fate though most cultures do not acknowledge the existence of fate. The western world and also some areas that practice Christianity believe that life starts at birth and its ultimate end is in death. In contrast, other areas of the world especially the Eastern world believe that there is life after death thus life is just but a part of a longer endless chain. Some people even believe that the life that we are living today is an incarnation of a previous life.

It only goes to show that every community in the world understands death albeit in a different kind of way.Often we refer to death as tragic since no one wants to lose their loved one. As much as they may have suffered say of disease or other pains before death, no one is ever willing to let go. As human beings we have devised many ways to hold on to our loved ones. Hospitals have Intensive Care Units where a patient can be hooked on to life support for as long as the family wishes. There are machines that revive people, who previously had no pulse, and unimaginable medical procedures carried out in an effort to prolong life thus averting death.

Life is not something to play around with and that is why even the law strives to protect life. No one would willingly choose to be dead and that is why the law punishes those who take other peoples’ lives’ severely. Death is finality and whether or not there is a continuation of another life when we die is a matter of belief. The common ground is that we cannot bring back someone who is dead. Life ceases and what is left is the body that is of no essence to the living people. We must therefore cherish the life that we have now since we do not know what the future haas in store for us.

We may have only tomorrow to live or another couple of days or even many years but there is not a way to predict our death. Some people have been involved in what are commonly referred to as near death experiences and their accounts to what they witnessed have been the closest anyone will ever get to understanding death. There are reports of some of this people having seen light, others met their dead relatives while others bear witness to having seen the “other side” as being a better place than hare. No one can be for sure what lies ahead but all in all we all have to take responsibility of our lives and decide earlier than later just what direction we would like our lives to take. We are the drivers of our own lives and since we are in control, then it is up to each one of us depending on their beliefs to choose the path to follow.Fate is in our own hands and it is what gives life the direction to follow.

It is therefore of uttermost importance that we give our lives the respect it deserves since when the end comes, there is no going back. There is a saying that one should live their life to the fullest and live each day like it was the last since we cannot predict what happens tomorrow. When we all know that we have accomplished our purpose on earth, then it would be easier to celebrate the life of someone once they die rather than wallow in agony for the longest time mourning their life. Each day one should ask himself just what he has done to add value and quality to his life and those around him. Since none of us knows for sure where death comes from or who controls it, it would be of more importance if we all took it in our stride to study death further from all perspectives. Different traditions hold different explanations for death and since the only thing common is that it is inevitable, further studies have to be done to determine what death really stands for in the world.

It would be really unfortunate if when one died, people let out a sigh of relief. Death should not hold such a dark place in our lives, instead we should all change the way we live our lives to make it a celebration when it finally comes our way, just like our births were celebrated.