Human Trafficking Consequences

“Those who deny freedom for others don’t deserve freedom themselves”,stated Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president who officially abolished slavery in 1865.

For well over 500 years ago, slavery has been a major part of the world’s society as well as the economy. Due to the ideas of Enlightenment, slaverywas considered immoral and was abolished in many states around the world by the end of the 19th century. Despite the fact that slavery was legally abolished more than 200 years ago, modern day illegal slavery commonly known as “human trafficking”, is the “third largest crime industry in the world”, which is a “32 billion dollar industry” with “50% of the trafficking victims [who are] children”out of the “40 million” victims of this crime (“Home”). In fact, human trafficking has gone to such an extent that “there are more human slaves in the world today than ever before in history”(“The Exodus Road :: 27 Million Stones.” ).

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In this world, human trafficking laws and penalties should be more severe because human trafficking causes severe psychological trauma and detrimental health effects on victims and child neglect. One reason why human trafficking laws and penalizations should be more severe is that human trafficking causes severe psychological trauma and detrimental health effects on a victim. Women who have been trafficked suffer from very serious health problems, including “physical health, mental health, and reproductive health” (“SVAW – Trafficking in Women: Explore the Issue.). Trafficking victims often are often faced with cruel and devastatingconditions such as”physical abuse, exhaustion”, as well as “starvation”. Typical health problems and injuries can include “broken bones, concussions, bruising, minor to extremely severe burns, as well as other injuries consisted with assault.

” From the human trafficked victims’ survival, stories, one of the the most shocking was a woman named Alma who became trafficked in 1984 As a child, she had always dreamed of becoming a successful and settled accountant.When her brother had promised her to pay all tuition and rent to help her achieve her goals, she left for Olongapo City where he resides. When she had arrived there, she realized that her brother had “no intention” to help her succeed and hoped Alma would “‘strike lucky’ with an American serviceman, so she could support her family”. Because she became “frustrated” and wanted to leave back home, her own brother “threatened her to withhold the transfer documents”. In the nightclub where she was coerced to work with, she was brutally “raped” and had to give birth to an “unwanted third child” (“Survivor Stories.

“) . Human trafficking has a harrowing effect on the mental, emotional, physical, and well being of females. Beyond physical abuse, exhaustion, and intensive labor, trafficked women “suffer extreme emotional stress, including shame, grief, fear distrust and suicidal thoughts. This case is morally wrong because she was forced to engage in sexual activities against her consent and sexual activity must only be done between “husband and wife” (“LIVING A CHRISTIAN LIFE : Marriage, Sexual Acts, and Family Life.”). Victims often experience PTSD, and with that, acute anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Many victims turn to drugs and alcohol to numbs the pain”( “IBM Lotus Domino Web Access Login.”). Similarly, a person who has suffered the effects of severe psychological effects, is Mauri, a 16 year old gold who was “prostituted on the streets of Hawaii”. For her fate, there was absolutely no escape; “her pimp threatened to kill her family if she didn’t go out on the street night after to make him money.

If Mauri tried to use the money to buy food, she was severely beaten”. After she was rescued, she now “suffers from terrible flashbacks and severe depression, and has even attempted suicide”(“Victims’ Stories.”).Ultimately, because of the fact that trafficking is illegal, the one who engages in the crime sets up unlawful rules and tortures them that the one who is being abused does not revolt. Because human enslavement causes health and psychological problems to the extent where one needs intense rehabilitation, the crime penalty for this sinful act should be a lot harsher because it permanently ruins many lives.

If one life is severely being ruined, then the one who ruins that person’s life should be severely punished because life is very valuable and should serve as a positive example for those who come after us and take our name to form a better society. Another reason that trafficking human trafficking laws should be more severe is that human causes child neglect.. Human trafficking promotes the breakdown of many families in which children or men or women are removed.Family members abandoning other members have led to various cases like severe depression and the most significant of them, emotional child neglect. Because many trafficked members are deported to different places around the world, they have extremely “little to no time” to spend with their loved ones, so they let another person take care of the children” (IBM Lotus Domino Web Access Login.

“).Child neglect has lead to teens “[drinking] alcohol in their early stages of life’ to escape from pain, “malnutrition and weight loss”, and a significant “lack of social skills” (“Signs, Symptoms and Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect.”) . When children are neglected at such an early age in their life, they become involved in more “crime” and become negative role models in society (“Protecting Our Children From Abuse and Neglect.”) .

Because when one generation becomes old, the next generation to fill in is the youth. The new generation is responsible for “improving” society (“Discussion Documents.” ). If the new generation of youth is flawed, how are we going to improve as a society? Ultimately, Human trafficking not only impacts negatively youth but as a society as a whole.Criminals charged with human trafficking should be charged with harsher penalties because they can negatively change many futures, including corrupting our society and government.

If they are causing major damage to the world we live in why should the government give them a second chance? One may refute that charging extended prison sentences to human traffickers is immoral and is unfair because criminals do not have a second chance to change after they are done enduring their sentence. This belief is injustice itself because the criminals who have trafficked people took them away from their families and basically ruined many people’s lives while damaging society at the same time. If the ones who are being trafficked do not get a second chance to restart their lives and live back to normal without facing mental disorder or shame, the why the human traffickers have another chance? Conclusively, in this world, once and for all, human traffickers should have more severe penalties and officials should impose harsher laws because human trafficking ruins the future of children and society and causes severe psychological and health problems for the ones who are being trafficked. Human trafficking is a sinful act that causes the destruction of societies and futures. Imposing harsher laws and control will generate fear in the hearts of the sinned and will cause them not to repeat the action and/ or never to do it. If you want a better society to live, I encourage you to take immediate action and spark a positive change!