Human Sexual Motivation

The modern developments on the sexual arousement and sexual attraction are based on the ancient civilizations, thus it is focused towards the cultural believes of a certain community.

The most important part of the sexual arousement is the fact that it all involves sexual attraction as an important factor amongst all the persons observed. As the modern civilization about sexuality is all about the positive issues that are involved in the practicing of sex, the cultural view about sex is because it has positive factors learned on to it. In humans, sexuality in relation the practice of sex it has attached health benefits, which include improved sense of smell, blood pressure reduction, increased immunity, and decrease the rate of prostate cancer. Considering sexual intimacy and organism, levels of Oxytocin, that is, ‘the love hormone’ is increased and this in turn helps to increase that human trusts amongst the partners and build trust in them. To the centrally the modern sexuality there is involvement of the dangers that face the large number being the adolescents in the sense that there are dangers involved. This is in relation to the fact that the teenagers in their adolescence stage involve in poor methods that they should learn on sexuality.

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Therefore, as the cultural beliefs attached with respect to modern sexuality it has all involvement with the negative effects that people should avoid. Factors that influence our sexual attitudes and behaviors Sexual motivation in humans is hypothetically an unusual motivation. In comparison to the lower animals, sexual motivation in humans is a drive caused by some arousal factors. The factors based on the forces that come from within the animal, they are internal effects in the animal that makes the animal has the sexual desire. In humans, the situation is very different and therefore, they have to consider a number of factors that cause this sexual motivation in the humans. The human factors involve the inclusion of humans in the relationship between humans and the way they interact with each other.

According to most theorists, the issue of sexual motivation is a guessed need. That is to say, that it involves the initiated desires, which needs human satisfaction. In relation to this, one group of the theorists considers human motivation as the relation of the stimuli and the human behavior, while the other group considers sexual motivation as related to the human desire to the impulse that causes the sexual motivation. Therefore, this qualifies the deduction that sexual motivation is a guessed feeling influenced by a number of factors. These factors include physiological correlation, hormones, and the need to have sexual fulfillment. Some cultural diversity in sexual attitudes and behaviors around the world Research has shown that most of the youths out of school have shown positive attitudes towards the premarital sex.

These youths are aware of the potential risk that they are likely to get into incase of he premarital sex indulgement. This analysis has shown that the male partners are the ones who have the most favourable view about the premarital sex and they are aware of the dangers involved. Although there is no gender difference in the rate of involvement in the premarital sex, more males have had experienced the premarital sexual intercourse earlier than their female counterparts. A number of scholars have been involved in the analysis of this field to get a substantial and qualitative data that deal with concerns about the sexual attitudes and behavior. Internationally there is HIV/AIDS epidemic thus most the developments that are connected to sexuality are focusing on the best means to avoid the issues that are interconnected to the cultural diversity and the complex issues which arise due to the epidemic. In the recent research, it is clear that most married men are involved in the practicing of extramarital sexual intercourse therefore, complicating their relationship in the family.

The origins of the idea that the only legitimate purpose for having sex is procreationMarriage is the legitimate reason that there should be practicing of sexual intercourse therefore, every normal marriage has three elements that sanctify the puropose of marriage. These include satisfaction of the sexual desire, mutual relation and partnership between the husband and wife, and procreation. As it is, the primary role of marriage is the sexual union and fulfillment of sexual desire amongst animals. Therefore, the woman is not only refered to as the wife but also a mother so for the purpose of continued generations there is a need to have more procreation of the children in any marriage. In essence, the purpose of procreation is a major role that the humans should be involved in the marriage life to continue the human race. Culturally, it is the child that carries the legend of any family thus this proves that procreation is the focus to have when planning to have sexual intercourse.

Each generation that comes after the next there has to be a continuation. In the begging, the purpose of creation was to have the man given a partner to share life with and thus it was from this partnership that the married should become inseparable and live as one. Change the Zeitgeist The renaissance from the birth of history the humans is based on the facts that there has been cultural advancements amongst the Europeans and the time of the changes. According to Masters, the renaissance of the human race involves that historical era that humans have undergone in the past life to the current ages. The human evolution deals with the ages and the changes that they have in relation to the human sexuality and behavior they have to intellectual pursuits in the social and political unveiling in the human development.

According to Johnson, renaissance describes the cultural movements that the communities have been involved in the past centuries. This is the ideal truth that the two have a common idelaogy about the human development about sexuality and cchanges in the believes that they need to include in the modern world. The human ages have been in time referred to as the myth of the origin and this human life has some basis of the human origin. The study of the human behavior is the ideal factor that the intellectuals have been trying to find the truth about, which involves the human generation and the origin of aging and the theories involved. The change of time is the core reason why there is change in the age related to the human life. The topics on the study of human sexuality Human sexuality is a wide topic that deals with the behavior of humans and how they respond to the experiences, they have in relation to expressing themselves as sexual beings.

A number of topics need concern in relation to the issue of the human sexuality. These topics include child sexual abuse, and the gender topics on sexuality.In relation to child sexual abuse, there have been a number of cases that there have been child mutilation cases by the old ages. Children need to be taken care of when it comes to matters of sexual abuse to maintain their purity and respect for their lives. Child sexual abuse can lead to some children committing suicide in fear of feeling ashamed in the society therefore, it is vital to help those children to have the right to live freely. The other major concern that my analysis should involve is the study of the adult sexuality.

This should majorly focus on the reduction of the extramarital sexual intercourse of the married couples. In addition, the youths need guidance on the sexuality issues to have focus on what is ideal for them when it comes to the matters pertaining premarital sex. Ethical considerations This part of the review involves the study of psychological research. Ethics involves the study of the moral codes of the human behavior that humans need to have a number of ethical concerns is necessary to ensure that ethics of the human psychology. Psychological harm being one of the parts of the ethics involves deception, consent protection, freedom from coercion, protection from physical /psychological harm, and the risk-benefit principle. To start with, is the ethics concerning the informed consent, which concerns itself with the participants to have the right to agree to a given proposal and their willingness to take part in the experimentation on the ethics of life that they need to develop psychological issues of life.

The issue of consent should come with age and therefore, if it is to deal with children, they should not be involved in giving consent. If children are involved in giving of consent, this acts as depriving them the freedom from coercion. In addition, children need psychological protection against any risk aims at causing psychological harm to the children. Psychological harm involves loss public dignity, loss of self-esteem, stress and anxiety to a person. Thus if, the issues that relate to the psychological harm do not occur to a person, the possibility of causing depression is minimal.