Argumentative Essay on I Believe

It was 5:00 on a Thursday afternoon in the middle of April. My brother Sam and I were beat after a long day of testing at the gym.

We had already tested our agility and bench press but we knew we had to go hard for deadlifting. We started out doing a few warm up reps, about 150 pounds, nothing too difficult. Next thing we knew, we were up to 200 and then 250. “Put two more tens on,” our trainer John said countless times. My brother and I lost count a couple times because we had so many plates on.

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Then we finally made it to 300. We had a total of five different size plates on each side. The two other kids with us stopped what they were doing so they could witness this marvelous event. I then squatted down and griped that round piece metal and using all my strength I was able to lift it off the ground. The sound of those plates hitting the mat was like a car smashing into a brick wall. It was one of the greatest achievements I’ve ever completed.

My belief of working out and staying in shape affects me every day in my life. It teaches me to give 100% in everything I do. It encourages me to push myself to the breaking point. I go to the gym three times a week. No matter if I have sports or school work I always find an hour three days a week to get in the gym. This teaches me dedication and also allows me to set personal goals for myself.

For example I want to get up to three hundred and twenty pounds for the next time I test. Staying in shape dramatically increases my sports performance. I’ve gotten faster, stronger, and have strengthened my endurance. When playing a sport like lacrosse, speed is key. And being a midfielder I have to play defense and offense I have to have high endurance.

Staying fit keeps me at peace. If I feel out of shape I just don’t feel right. At the gym I do exercises like back squat, high pull, deadlift and bench press. On top of lifting weights I also do exercises that strengthen my core. Exercises like planks, side planks, sit ups, crunches, and dead bugs. This belief illustrates the identity of who I am.

I am a dedicated hard-working athlete. I am someone who is self-motivated and always pushes himself to the breaking point. Since going to the gym last December my life has completely changed for the better and my body has never felt so fit.