"i have a dream"

Dylan Wright P2 October 25, 2010 “I have a dream” “I have a dream, that one day all African Americans will be treated equal.” As you probly no, This speech was presented by the famous Martin Luther King jr.

Martin changed the world with his persuasive speeches and acts. In 1954 martin joined the national association for the advancement of color people. The first task he faced after joining this association was bus segregation. He changed the world by boycotting the buses, which than after 11 months changed and made it so African Americans could sit where ever they wanted on the bus. While in this association he traveled over 6 million miles, spoke 25 times, wrote 5 books and articles, and lead massive protests such as the Birmingham jail protest. By speaking all over the country he proved a point that all people should be treated equally.

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Martins “I have a dream” speech had profound effects on American thoughts on racism. This speech is known worldwide and is still known today as the speech of racial equality. When the day comes (Martin Luther king jr. day) we all remember his speech and the world changing phrase “I have a dream.” At age 35 he received the Nobel peace prize. He donated all of his prize earnings (about 54,000) to the civil rights movement.

He gave everything he had too making people realize African Americans were equal. The white culture recognized his accomplishments to the civil rights movement by a public acknowledgement of the Nobel peace prize. This shows that the white culture was recognizing that racism is intolerable and bad. Martin Luther King jr. changed the world with his persuasive speeches and acts.

Joining associations, making speeches, and receiving the noble peace prize all contribute to him changing racism. By proceeding In his persuasive actions he changed the racial issue and made the world more acceptable, and tolerable.