Iconic America

“When she steps into the ring as the bad-ass, never-say-die, alluring punk girl, she’s not playing a role, she is called something different.

The WWE named her Lita, but she’s just being Amy” quote by Matt hardy in the introduction Lita A less traveled R.O.A.D- The Reality of Amy Dumas (7). Amy Dumas is an icon in pro wrestling world.

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Amy Dumas embodies the ideals of what America is like in the year 2011. America today symbolizes the ideal of self-identity, the need to belong, and the American dream. For Dumas, self –identity was expression like most American do. This is the outward expression of who one is. In America many ask “Who am I”? Identity is not only the outward expression it’s also are family, background (somewhat), career, and relationship with others (Williams).

For Dumas, she used an outward expression for most of her identity. This was by getting a tattoo with the word “Rebel” in Russia on her neck, or the word “Punk” on the inside of her lip, and a tattoo of a three eye monster that takes up all her shoulder (Leiker 58-59) . She also express herself with her hair color, which it fire red. Lastly her style of clothes, which is the Punk- rocker look. She also shows her expression by working as a pro-wrestler.

In American may people show self- identity by getting latest in fashions. For instance, the UGG boots are in this year. Nevertheless, for those who can’t buy UGG boots there always the cheap brands you can get at the store. This is a style that anyone can look around and see. Individuals wear things to stand out. Corresponding to Amy Dumas, she wanted to be something no one ever seen.

Everyone wants to show an expression of their self to the world, people who they are. Amy Dumas said it best “I have always believed that life is about finding you own personal niche, what makes you tick. You may be influenced by your upbringing, your family’s business, a teacher’s suggestion, friends or your surroundings” (Lita: It Just Feels Right). This quote is stating that you are whatever you want to make it. All in all it’s up to you, to be you. This is wanted people strive for in today world, “who am I?” The next idea is that of need to belong.

The need to belong theory state that, “We humans have a biologically based need for interpersonal connections. We seek out social bonds when we can and suffer negative psychological and physical consequences when we can’t” (Lilienfeld 379). This means that as human we need social interaction to function in everyday life. As a child Amy Dumas and her family would move around a lot. She had a hard time making friends (Dumas 11). This led her in finding friends in the punk sense.

She found this by the way she dress, and the music she like. Most individuals do this, find folks they want to hang with by the outward express of their self-identify. The need to belong is frequent and ongoing. Building bond is a way for humans to learn lesson and how to act, and what’s right and wrong. Lastly is the American dream.

In past century, the originals ideals of the American dream were lost. It culture became more of the “get rich quick”, philosophy (Warshauer). This is true; there are so many game shows on television, people trying to make it on Youtube. Amy Dumas by going to Mexico to learn the wrestling style of Lucha libre (Dumas Chapter13). She also work in Extreme Championship Wrestling, this was a hard core wrestling (Dumas Chapter 20).

She even worked as a “dancer” to pay her bills and to go to Mexico (Dumas Chapter 11). Even after she got to the WWE, Dumas still had to work hard to stay in the WWE. She would have to fight guys, put her body on the line, and meet fans. Conversely Dumas showed hard work in school. Duma was a “B” student, even though she never opens a book. This woman didn’t think grades matter.

She did graduated high school early at 17 years old. From there Dumas went to college, sadly only for three semesters (Dumas 29, 52). On the other hand with the way the economy is more people are going back to the originals ideals of the dream. The originals ideals were life, liberty, and happiness. Also it was have wife, two point five kids, a house with the white fence, and a dog (Warshauer). In a place where accomplishment is measure in hard work and not by price tag.

National center of education: In fall of 2011 a record of 19.7 million students were expected to attend and American college. Constituting an increase in students to about 4.4 million since the fall of 2000 (Fast fact). 2011 had a rate of 4.2 percent of college graduated are unemployed this is compare to those with high school diploma which is about 9.

1 percent (Table). People are doing what they can to get career, which they like, thus they are approaching with the terms that hard work and determination is the way to go. In Valleau and Erion essay they state free express is need in a democracy to make it healthy ever if it is unrestricted (Maasik, Solomon 297). For the US to work, one needs to be able to say and support people, and thing in their own way. With the ideals that American as a society is looking for one self-identity, the need to belong and the American Dream. Amy Dumas might not be a big name icon, but in wrestling, she was the Monroe of it before she stopped.

Dumas is an icon because she may away for female wrestler. She made a stand without knowing it. She prove that women can go toe to toe with any guy, and put their body on the line , Amy dumas broke her neck and still came back. She living proves that with hard work no matter ones background, one can do great things. All one need is heart and passion. This is what makes Dumas an icon for America today.

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