Immigration on ireland

Sometimes, moving too a new place can help you, even though you’re going away from your family, friends, culture, and land just so you can stay alive. Well, that’s just what the Irish had too do. The Irish immigrated during the 1850s out of Ireland and this is very important to the people in Ireland. The reason why the Irish had to give up of the things they valued that is because they had no food.

They also had no jobs so they couldn’t take care of themselves. Another reason they moved is because of fear of violence. Crime of people steeling the animals from hunger, turned into violence to stay alive. It was hard in Ireland, with no food or jobs. That’s why they left Ireland for other places, especially America. “Why America?”.

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The answer is clear. They knew that there would be hope for them, and jobs to help them live. So they moved to Americas east coast and from there some went further to the West, traveling long distances. They only had one way to get there, and that was by water (boats).Irish immigrants were in the lowest class.

They where the ones underneath the boat controlling it. It was painful, hot, and hard for the immigrants. But they knew, rich or poor that it was still dangerous. When they made it to America, all they thought of was hope and a future. When they arrived to Ireland, they found jobs, many of which where low paying but they needed to feed their family.

Some of them met up with family members who had came over earlier, and actually felt good about themselves. Through this they learned what they did, all the work would be worth it, and it was. This is so important to them because they learned strength, pain, hope, and freedom. Another important reason was that it was a link between two great countries.