Inch by Inch Analysis

This memorable speech can be seen as consisting of different parts distinguished by changes In tone and mood, culminating in powerful highly persuasive phrases throughout that fuels he players into action. Tony Tomato opens up the speech with his gruff and old voice, giving his audience an impression of his many experiences in life, making it perfect for this particular speech.

The first section of the speech mainly focuses on building rapport with the players. The players of the team have all started playing individually, to outshine one another. This has resulted in many loses on the fields.

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In his speech he tells them “we heal as team or we are going to crumble”, letting his players know that, the only way to win this is playing the game as a team. To emphasize his point he requires the layers to “believe him”.

He then declares that if they keep playing as individuals, they are going to stay In “hell”, making the players feel humiliated by their actions and arguably, lose the players certainty. However, he asserts them that they can “climb out of hell” if they focus on “one inch, at a time”, making the team focus on small controllable steps and making them pay attention to every detail of the game.

Not to mention the encouragement he creates to increase their will to fight for every slightest win of territory. His “Inch by Inch” statement Is the most powerful phrase wrought the speech; It creates a powerful visual image they will remember for the rest of their lives and a kind of motto they will keep in mind on field. In the middle section of Tony Tomato’s speech, he takes a surprisingly deferent turn as he shifts the focus from the game to himself. By cringingly himself.

By his criticizing, he gains the trust of his audience and then in the following section, moves into raising the hopes of his players once again. To gain their trust, he lets them into his own miserable life. He starts by confessing he has “made every wrong choice a idle aged man could make”, though this Is a hyperbole, It represents his many experiences in life. To justify his familiarity with life, he lectures them of how unfair one’s life might be, where he says “things [will] get taken from you” leading into, “you only learn that when you start losing stuff’.

He continues to talk about life but moves Into a creating link between life and football.

He does this with the use off metaphor, he lets his audience know that “life Is just a game of inches” because In each game we experience the inches, however the inches are seen as obstacles in 1 OFF citing for and that “[they] claw with [their] fingernail for that inch” where he uses his hand for well-times gesture. As seen from the movie clip, we can see that they are all furious for gaining that inch, because that is what is going to make a difference between “WINNING and LOSING”.

He establishes another powerful link here, which is about the differences of winning and losing, saying that the inches are also going to make a difference between “LIVING and DYING”. He will later on in his speech return to this hyperbolic statement, bringing up the fact that both games are somewhat similar. In the final section of the speech, Tony Tomato concludes in a call to action.

To build up to his call to action, he once again lets them know how important these inches are in the game.

He builds up the image of the person “who is willing to die”, is the one “who is going to win that inch”. He makes the team feel like that they should sacrifice themselves, in order to gain that inch because that is what “LIVING” is, where he again brought up his powerful motto of the middle section. Though this is a simile, it represents perfectly how they should fight/play on the field. As he has said earlier on n the speech, he uses the repetition of similar words saying they either “heal now, as a team, or [they] will die as individuals”.

Reminding them that they shouldn’t try to outshine one another and instead benefit the whole team, by playing together. While saying this particular line, it is as if he scans the whole room, making eye contacts with everyone. He renders this section in a dramatic way, first starting with an increased volume and then going quite before he asks the players the final question, “Now, wheaten goanna do? “. The audiences answer with blustering roar and race out f the changing room to perform a spectacular performance with victory.

In conclusion this speech effectively shows how a classic pep talk, is highly persuasive and helpful for the team.

By the use of dramatic language he sways his audience and delivers the speech effectively by first and foremost building rapport with the players, where he then moves them into personal confessions. He creates powerful and memorable images for the audience to keep with them for the rest of their life. He lastly finishes off the speech with an effective call to action, “Now, wheaten goanna do? “.