Writing is a form of art. As we should already all know, as well as music and drawing painting sketching and the list goes on and on. And all these things have things in common. But one thing that’s in common for all of these things is the inspiration behind the art.

I mean have we as artists, writers, photographers or whatever the case maybe; ever sat down to think about what inspires us. I read an article the other day about things that can get you in the mood to inspire you to do your art. And it got me thinking about inspiration. It could be music which is also a form of art. it could be a picture or a special place that brings you back to a place. It could be just imagining it in your head.

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I once heard from someone that they wrote a book simply from a dream that they had at night. But it’s it’s almost inspiring to see how one person’s inspiration compared to another’s. And how those inspirations can turn your art into a masterful thing. I have been writing since I could first work my computer; about nine years. And I have so many files of writing i’ve done.

Some people are inspired by one thing or topic and tend to stay and master that specific topic with pages and pages of writing. I’m not like that. I have so many different things that inspire me to write and that I write about. It’s almost like bipolar writing in my Google docs. My inspirations come from some normal everyday things like music on the radio.

Sitting on my favorite rock outlooking the lake watching the sunset. My best and forever friend Rob. Significant things that have happened in life. Significant people that have come and gone in life. People that may have made good or bad dents and scars in my life. Photos, whether they be my personal photos or seeing a photo somewhere else.

Some people are inspired by sports, wether its playing the sport themselves or watching it. Movies and other books from other people. Let me clarify I don’t plagiarise other people’s books or ideas. Sometimes is just having a conversation withsomeone and relating to them and having a moment need to sit down and write about it. That’s what i love about writing.

You can write anything even babble. You can get a mouthful out and no one even heard you. For some of the shier people, it gives them a voice. And as far as freelance writing that’s just between you and your notebook, there’s no rules, or boundaries. Enjoy writing, enjoy your inspirations in life.