My case study is a model for the creation and development of an idea that is long overdue and could change the landscape of modern medical practices. This study determines the necessity for Mobile Medical Clinics (MAC) these REV-sized mobile homes that are converted Into Mac’s. With the technology and demand of today they SHOULD be a never-ending fixture with-Len society.

There will always be a necessity for Mac’s because of young children without routine medical care, natural disasters (Strain 2005) national/state emergencies (Bostonians/911) where speed is a priority, ND the less fortunate people that cannot make it to a medical facility for whatever reason. (Brown, 2012) And with programs such as the Children’s Health Fund (CHEF) leading the way with Mac’s where they will support children in shelters, homeless, intercity and in rural America. (Brown, 2012)0 The evolution of the technological solutions in this case study was interesting.

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There were several things to consider when thinking about the infrastructure of the Macs. I chose to focus on establishing a solid Wife platform that would eliminate many of their problems.

First, you may insider replacing satellite with a WI-IF G Hotshots and Incorporate these device Into the MAC may be a huge Improvement. Below I have noted the Pros & Cons. (Microsoft, 2013) Pros * Hotshots tend to offer a fast and more reliable connection better than mobile broadband or satellite. No need for a USB modem – virtually all modern laptops have Wife built in to so you don’t have to spend money on an USB modem or deal with any compatibility issues.

* Hot spot access is far cheaper than mobile broadband or satellite. * Facilitates many users within M MAC * It delivers G or G wireless data service, carrying Internet data at broadband peed through a built-in Wi-If router; it is the size of a man’s wallet. If you use a Use a virtual private network (VPN) Internet security is critical.

When you can, opt for wireless networks that require a network security key or have some other form of security, such as a certificate. (Microsoft, 2013)The Information sent over these networks Is encrypted, and encryption can help protect your computer from unauthorized access. (maelstroms, 201 3)For example, Instead of using a public hot spot with no encryption, use a virtual private network (VPN).

(Microsoft, 2013)elf your cuisines does not have its own VPN, you can download and install free VPN software. Use of technique you may meet HAIFA rules for security. Microsoft, 2013) Cons * May be an old con, hotshot coverage for a user may be very inconsistent. * Down and uploading bandwidths: may be slow uploading large files. * And the big one HAIFA rules, for security purposes.

The final piece is I don’t believe that new software requirements in the doctor offices will make him loose staff members. However I am sure his staff will be rotational for a period of time. His could consist of interns doing their residency and other medical tidies looking to gain valuable experience.