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a) The ritualized actions done to the body by the Nacerima may seem very bizarre, but what are some of the reasons these actions are done? Provide at least two specific examples. In the civilized world, the rituals done to the body by the Nacerima may seem to be bizarre, weird and full of magic practice but during the ancient time these rituals were very normal.

There are several reasons as to why these rituals were performed; one is that they were performed for medicinal purpose and the second reason they were performed for spiritual purposes. In addition to that they were performed to exorcise demons from people who had been bewitched. Demons are mostly xorcised from children and it is believe it is the parents who bewitch their children while teaching them about this bizarre culture. Some of these bizarre practices include the mouth-rite and the laptiso ceremonies.b) How do you think the data was collected for this scientific inquiry? There are two main data collection methods; qualitative and quantitative methods.

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In the case above, it can be said that it is the quantitative method that was applied. Some of the quantitative data collection methods include experiments or clinical trials, observations, use of data from the management information systems and finally conducting surveyss with closed-ended questions. In order to compile the report, the anthropologists conducted research and used interviews to gather interviews. c) Give me a short, concise characterization of Nacerima culture.The Nacerima culture is characterized by nothing but pure magic and bizarre, in-human rituals.

It is however sad to note that this culture has enslaved most of the people of this region. Most of them practice these bizarre rituals not because they want to but because they have been forced to by their elders. Those to try to go against the wishes of the elders are cursed and made to believe that bad things will happen to them.