Interpersonal Communication Narrative Essay

This research explores a sequence of effects pertaining to the influence of relational goals on online information seeking, the use of information and arguments as relational management strategies in computer-mediated chat, and the intrapersonal attitude change resulting from these processes (Walther et al., 2010).

Affinity versus dis-affinity goals affected participants’ information seeking for communicatory utility, their conversational behaviors, and their own attitudes toward the topic and partner. People with negative relational goals used the Web to seek information for discussions more than affinity-goal participants. Individuals expressed affinity-dis-affinity through arguments, agreements, and disagreements with partners’ references, which led to changes in their own attitudes. Findings suggest renewed consideration of the interplay between mass media and interpersonal sources accessible on the Internet (Walther et al., 2010) Interpersonal communication is the transmission of messages from one person to another. There are two ways of transmitting this information according to the writers of this article.

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The first one is the use of computer aided machines then the face- to- face (FtT). The FtF is observed as the ancient means while the CMC is the modern mode of communication (Walther et al., 2010). In my own view I will prefer CMC over the FTF since it saves time and energy that is involved. This type of relationship has both advantages and disadvantages.

First it can give a false impression about the two people who are communicating. Somebody may seem to be attracted to another through the communication in CMC but after finding out the tue picture of the person there may be a great change in mind (Walther et al., 2010). According to the researchers, they have identified ways through which information can be transmitted from one person to the other. It is true that we can communicate verbally face to face or use computer aided equipments. The computer equipments used in communication can be the cell phones and computers.

All these can send information through verbal or messages instantly. This reduces wastage of time and the limitation that can be brought by distance. This research has identified the main problems that are brought about by CMC machines. They create false impression between the users who might not know the feeling of the other. It has also given the benefits of using F-t-F communication and CMC (Walther et al., 2010).

Discussion This research examined how relational goals affect the way that people strategically seek information in order to support the expression of affinity or dis-affinity toward an online conversational partner through their statements about a topic of discussion, and how these discussion behaviors, which were generated to accomplish interpersonal goals, influence their authors’ own attitudes intrapersonal (Walther et al., 2010) From this research people can learn various lessons so that they are aware of the negative effects of CMC. People have really been enlightened through this article. Those who could have been cheated through false perceived and ill motives can control before engaging in actions that could lead them in trouble (Walther et al., 2010). PPeople use the CMC to find information from others.

This information can have impact of change in their behaviors. Some people who use the same means to seek information may not change their behaviors. Benefits of the Research My interpersonal communicational communication has been really improved though this research. The research gives an extensive view on the best ways to use communication means or tools. The second idea is that it has given me the opportunity to get enlightened on issues that the CMC bring to the world today.

it Highlights that we are born to communicate then we should be able to maximize our communication and interaction through technology but we must be cautious in our interaction with other people through the CMC. It has also outlined various ways through which CMC relates to interpersonal relationship. For instance, it reduces the limitation of time and distance between people, and it also has an effect the interaction between one person and the other. It gives alternative ways of communicating if one is not willing to use one way to communicate. To be precise, if I am not in my moods to call someone I may decide to send a short text message.

This will serve the purpose (Walther et al., 2010). These issues that are outlined in this article practically apply to my life. I am Facebook fan and I communicate to my friends through facebook. I have never seen some of theme and maybe I might not have a chance to meet them face to face.

I want to propose that the transport of goods should take this perspective. Earlier on the letters were sent using the post office which has now changed to e-mail and short text messages (Walther et al., 2010).