Interpersonal Communications

In your opinion, what is the turning point for Gilbert in the Initial situation? Do you think that is the same turning point for Coach Johnson? What can be the effect If each person In a relationship has a different turning point? I think the turning point for Gilbert was when he got a slow start and James started to take some of Gilbert’s playing time. I also think it is the same turning point for Coach Johnson since he sees James putting more effort in than Gilbert.

If each person in the relationship has a different turning point the effect could be that one would start to question the others change quickly where as if its together, the change can seem unnoticed for a while. 3. ) Discuss the stages of relational De- escalation applying specifics of the case study to each stage’s description. The stages of relational De-escalation start with Gilbert Is his turmoil of having a slow start followed by developing a poor attitude and not working hard every day to improve (identification).

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Individualizing happens when he begins to bad mouth Coach Johnson. Separation occurs when Gilbert completely withdraws from the game and Coach Johnson and decides not to voice his opinions.

Post-separation occurs when Gilbert loses out on being the star player and It goes to James because James Is deter at communicating and Interacting with the team and coach. #4. ) Explain social exchange theory and the dimensions of costs and rewards that are considered In the decision to initiate, maintain, or discontinue a relationship.

How would you apply the social exchange theory to the case study? The social exchange theory Is a theory that claims people make relationship decisions by assessing and comparing the costs and reward. Rewards are the positive outcomes we receive by being in the relationship, including friendship and love, fun and laughter, money or favors, support and assistance, and confirmation of our value. Costs are the negative outcomes that reflect a loss, such as loss of time, loss of freedom, financial loss, denigration of our self-esteem, and even psychological or physical abuse.

I would apply the social exchange theory in this case study that the reward is Gilbert being/maintaining the star athlete and the costs is Coach Johnson’ expectations and Gilbert’s attitude. #5. ) How does attitude – both verbally and non-verbally communicated – affect the long- change his attitude and get back in line with Coach Johnson and the team? Attitude hat is communicated affects long-term relationships because it builds expectations.

Non-verbal communication can speak louder than words since negativity can be visualized even stronger when nothing is being said. Verbal communication affects long-term relationships by providing clarity to conversations.

With the path I chose, Gilbert should have tried harder during practice instead of bad mouthing the coach to his friends. He should have also become more pro-active within the team so that he could improve himself and his team and not let himself falter because someone else may be doing a bit better.