Ever feel completely ignored? Well, that’s how I feel, every day. No matter how hard you try, how much work you do, how much you throw youreself out there, it’s never good enough. The invisable hand goes up when asked a question, bursting with knowledge, desperate to give the answer.

The hand then collapses to the side of the disappointed student who feels rejected when the unsung slacker is asked to straighten up and answer the question. They give the correct answer and is praised by the teacher for making the effort to open the book and pretend they have studied it the night before whilst looking at the answer. Unfair is it to those who exceed in subjects yet remain unrecognised and is left with the feeling of disappointment and failure, due to the teachers constant need to award those who are undeserving. There is also a feeling of disgust with ones self when they try thier damn hardest but have nothing to show for it, because of certain projects or asignments that may have proven difficult for them, but a piece of cake for another, who may have never been initially interested at all. After they have been significantly rejected, thier confindance is at an all time low, and the little voice in thier head that is telling them to just give up, and that its not worth it, just gets louder and louder until that voice becomes a reality.

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Never in my life would I say that it is okay for you to always want to be better than everyone else, because that will never be a reality, but talented students who have the potential to strive in certain subjects should be rewarded some sort of recognition.