Forgetting the Lonely Kids

We walk and wander the crowed halls, wishing to be noticed or at least maybe seen. Hoping by chance we will get a, “Hello,” or looked at by a glance.

We might as well keep our heads down with the notion of not being enough. Along the lines of time from grade school to here, we lost the realization of being friends or being kind enough to notice someone with a face looking down, with a frown. We stick to our status or secure groups where only the friends we have should be enough and there’s no need to take a chance on someone, or to take a chance to make a difference. If we take into consideration our own thoughts, we have fear as well. We may feel inferior to some or others in different subjects, sports or simply status. We look at one another or at least try too; we don’t know how to make friends with someone we don’t even know.

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We wait with intensity and anticipation just to have the chance of being noticed. You may notice them, but you won’t take the time to say anything or make them feel better; maybe in fear of being rejected or ridiculed. We’re so caught on everybody’s looks and what they have to offer by physical appearances, we forget what really matters in a person. What gives us the right to turn our noses up and turn our heads away? Thinking we are superior than they could ever be. We may be laughed at or scorned for saying something weird by expressing our feelings of opinions, but one day, we will wish that we had stood up for ourselves and met a less popular person. In the world we will learn soon that no one will care the status or popularity of our well-being that was so important and crucial during high school.

Lend an ear to a weaker soul, give a hand to a smaller person, maybe if we can forget ourselves for a couple minutes our high school could be a better place to come to everyday.