iPads Use of Educational Purposes

In today’s world we are surrounded by technology. It is becoming more advanced in schools and are found in almost every classroom.

Ipads are the main buzz in today’s technology in the classroom. However ipads can have many issues with the effect of the students and the school. Ipads should not be used for educational purposes. First of all, why are ipads an issue to us? Students are distracted with iPads in class, and more than 2,00 school districts are bringing iPads into the classroom. This approach worries some educators who think students spend too much time on digital devices.

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They also promote media consumption which attaches them too ipads even more to go on social media. According to Jay Diskey, the executive director of the school division of the association of american publishers, “We are seeing education publishers of all sizes going in this direction, because there is a great deal in demand.” “Also according to Los Angeles Schools Superintendent John Deasy called for a delay of the rollout, which means all schools aren’t likely to get the devices until 2015, a year later than planned.” Teachers can’t just give iPads to students and start learning, they need to know how an iPad is used. Since technology is spreading everywhere, soon enough schools are going to be required for using iPads for educational use. iPads affect sleep when doing homework or other activities on the iPad.

These devices emit light of all colors, but it’s the blues in particular pose the danger. The blue variety of light prevents the pineal gland from releasing melatonin, thus warding off sleepiness. Easing into a bed with a tablet or laptop makes it harder to take a long snooze, especially for sleep-deprived teens who are more vulnerable to effects. So asking us to get up at 7:00pm is asking an adult to wake up at 4:00am, what a difference that is! U.S.

Teens are more vulnerable to this blue light effect off of iPads with we all know we don’t like to get out of bed in the morning. The school is giving us these iPads which makes us more sleepier during the school day. What if one of us plays a sport which most of us do, have a game that goes till 8:00 and they have 4 hours of homework, they are forced to do it after their game and can’t go to bed until midnight. That 4 hours of homework on top of being tired from a game they just played and about 6 hours of sleep, and teachers don’t know why we can’t stay awake during class. “Like seriously that’s ridiculous you give us these iPads to help us not sleep good, C’mon superintendent of Sweet Home Central School District Mr.

Day! Another big thing about these iPads being used in schools is the games and all the other distractions that go along with these $600 iPads. This approach of giving all students iPads worries some educators who think students spend too much time on digital devices. A third of Quebec students admitted playing games during school hours and an astounding 99 percent said they were distracting. “Some of the teachers were getting the iPad on the first day of school with their students, can you imagine? All the students were on Facebook, Twitter and the teachers were like, ‘Oh my God, this is not working,’ and blaming the technology because he or she was not ready,” said Karsenti, the Canada Research Chair for information and communication technologies in education.

Teachers there are totally unaware of what’s going on. I see a connection personally with the distraction of iPads in the classroom at Sweet Home Central School District. I look in my classroom and I see at least 50 percent of us on the iPads doing something not educational. Our Principal Mrs. Joleen Reinholz, wanting teachers to send students and they’re iPads down and have them wipe off the App Store and all of the games. So far I haven’t seen or heard anyone’s iPad have that happen to there’s.

Personally I don’t think the school and students are taking this seriously because the students don’t receive the discipline they deserve. Another reason is that IPads are not dependable for school use. One important thing to think about is when the battery runs out there isn’t only no iPad there is no textbook. Also if the book is WiFi dependent there is another obstacle to overcome. Internet can crash at anytime so you have to be cautious about that. They are also not indestructible.

One drop out of the case and there goes all your information, textbook, and all your valuable work. Because once that screen shatters you have to pay $20 for a new one. You might not think that’s not a lot of money but you have to wait for a new one and you’re out at least a few days of doing nothing in class. Also if you lose your power brick and the charging cable your out $40. At Sweet Home Central Schools iPads are loaned to teachers and students. Now you might think, where does all the money come from for all of the iPads for every student in the whole Sweet Home Central School District? Well it comes from taxpayers money, isn’t that something, and it gets better, electives like technology, art, and other electives are limited in how much money they can spend.

For example, I am a student in technology, other peers can tell you the same as well. We can’t even afford glue sticks, our tech teachers have to go out and buy glue sticks out of their own money! Some people can’t even finish their own projects, I kid you not! I guess iPads come first and they are so much more important because they only affect your sleep right… iPads should not be used for educational purposes! Sure iPads can be an interactive tool in the classroom, and has endless access to valuable information but there is a big loss in basic writing skills.

Children need pen and paper to learn their basic writing skills. Another thing is that I bet most of us teens care about our sleep, because I bet all of you have trouble waking up in the morning. It’s the iPads they keep you up at night and limits your sleep. iPads are not interactive if you’re tired and sleepy. So what will you do, stand up to not having these iPads or just become another one of those lazy people who play useless games on their iPads.