Ipl Case Study

During a 59-game season, every nuance a coach can kick up about a weakness in an opponent’s offense or the shots of one of his own players will translate into more runs on the scoreboard, more wins, and ultimately more money for the team. Traditional cricket game statistics failed to capture all of the details associated with every play and was not easily related to videotapes of games. As a result, decisions about changes in tactics or how to take advantage of opponents’ weaknesses were based primarily on hunches and gut instincts.

Coaches could not easily answer questions such as “Which types of plays are hurting us? ” Now repressions cricket coaches and managers are taking their cues from other businesses and learning how to make decisions based on hard data. The software available with the Indian Team was very generic and did not produce any analytical information.

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For the same reason, John Wright wanted to have quite a few reports to help him make decisions based on the statistical data. A company called Sports Mechanics has found a way to collect and organize fine-grained statistical data and relate the data to associated video clips.

Sports Mechanics employs Just 5 people to match up video of each play with statistical information about every ball bowled Nothing the match. For example, who bowled it, who is the batsman, who is the non- striker, where did the ball pitch, what did the ball do, where was the ball hit, how many runs were scored off it, who fielded it, how did he field it, which end did he throw, what was the outcome of the ball, etc. Once the tagging is done, when the query is done according to the tag, then the relevant video plays.

Queries can be done by multiple layers of filters by bowler, by batsman, by type of ball, etc. Each game is dissected and tagged, play by play, using hundreds of descriptive categories and these data are linked to high-resolution video. Coaches then use an index to locate the exact video clip in which they are interested and access the video at a protected Web site. Within seconds they are able to watch streaming video on the protected site or they can download it to laptops, pods, play stations, etc.

For example, if the Kola Knightliness have Just lost to the Restaurants Royals and gave up too many runs, Knightliness coach can use Sports Mechanics’ service to see video clips of every Restaurants Royals’ batting performance in the game. He can also view every Kola Knightliness transitional situation for the entire season to see how that name compared with others.

According to Kola Knightliness owner Shrunk Khan, “the system allows us to look at every play, in every way, and tie it back to stats. So we can watch how we played every ball, track our success rate, and see how other teams are doing it. The service helps coaches analyze the strengths and weaknesses of individual players. For example, Sports Mechanics’ system has recorded every offensive step to the Kola Ingredients’ Sophia Aztar since en Joined PL system can show how successfully he is blowing in either home or away games, with he ability to break games and player performance into increasingly finer-grained categories. If a user clicks on any statistic, that person will find video clips from any of the games of any season of PL that show Sahib’s particular bowling move.


. S. Rumanians, the Indian Cricket Team Analyst and the founder of Sports Mechanics has since 2003 helped over 5,000 cricketers and provided analysis and soft ware to ICC and 21 countries. About 7 teams in the PL; all except Royal Challengers have already signed up for the Sports Mechanics’ service, and are using it to help them coot for promising national and international players. Although nothing will ever replace the need to scout players in person, the service has reduced PL teams’ skyrocketing travel costs.

Sources: Sports Mechanics; Base 1 USED = 50 INNER as of 11, laundry, 2009 The challenges facing PL teams show why information systems are so essential today.

Like other businesses, professional cricket faces pressure from high costs, especially for team member salaries and travel to search for new talent. Reams are trying to increase revenue by improving employee performance, especially the performance of cricket team members. The chapter-opening diagram calls attention to important points raised by this case and this chapter.

Management was unable to make good decisions about how to improve the performance of teams and of individual players because it lacked precise data about plays. It had to rely on ‘best guesses” based on videotapes of games. Management found a new information system to provide better information.

The information system is based on a service provided by Sports Mechanics. Sports Mechanics’ staff members break down each game into a series of plays and then categorize each play by players, type of play, and the outcome.

These data are tagged to the videos they describe to make the videos easy to search. PL coaches and management can analyze the data to see Inch offensive and defensive moves are the most effective for each team player. Ream members themselves can use laptops, play stations, pods, etc to download the ‘ideas to help them prepare for games. This innovative solution makes it possible for basketball management to use objective statistical data about players, plays and outcomes to improve their decision making about what players should or shouldn’t do to most effectively counter their opponents.

Seines Challenges * Lack of performance statistics * High cost of players * Intense competitive pressure * Management Develop team strategy * Evaluate players * Coach players * Business Solutions Organization Information System Match videos of plays Ninth statistical data and index plays * * Improve performance * Increase revenue * Analyze player * Analyze team Technology Capture videos * Maintain protected * Download video to pods * Tag Web site rhea players of the Indian Cricket Team thank a ton to analyst Raman (Mr.. Ramekins).

Caching Denatured and Veranda Sewage have heaped praise on Indian Cricket Team analyst S. Rumanians, saying that his analytical soft-wares have helped rectify technical flaws and fine-tune their game. Seesaw paid the ultimate tribute to Rumanians, better known as Raman, saying that his triple hundred at Manual in 2004 came immediately after the latter helped spot a china in his amour.

Seesaw said at the launch of Rainmaking’s ‘Sports Mechanics’, “Raman helps players by explaining the mistakes for each individual through his software.

In Indian’s tour to Pakistan, I was not able to get to my rhythm; I could get about 20 runs in four one-day matches. I spent about an hour before the Test series with Raman in viewing the clippings. Raman said that my feet were too wide and head was falling not still). I made amends to these and scored 300 plus runs in the Test”. Denatured said, “Raman has really helped us for a long, long time.

.. We discuss for long hours after viewing clippings on computer.

I have learnt a lot on the game with innovations”. “Computer technology has developed so much.

I hope Raman or others do not develop the software that goes and scores runs,” Denatured added in a lighter vein, after Captain Rural Dravidian formally launched the company. Denatured admitted that he is not fan of computers but a lover of music. “l am not a fan of computers and my love for music is known. I get music (Hindi and English Songs) recorded on Ramie’s I-pod”, he said.

Dravidian said that Rumanians and the Indian Cricket Team has had a long Journey together.

When Dravidian referred Raman as ‘John Left’, the Invitees, including former cricketers like K. Sacristan and W. V. Raman besides others, burst into laughter. ” I used to play in Tamil Nadia league and my colleagues in the team used to refer Raman as John Left,” the skipper said.

Dravidian explained that Raman always used to sit the left of John Wright, the former Indian Coach.

Terming Rumanians as an integral part of the team, Dravidian said, “his contribution always goes unnoticed u a the team members and supports tat value his contribution incomparable”. Coach Greg Chapel also commended Ramie’s work. Coach Greg Chapel said, “He is part of what I and the team’s support staff do and it helps in many ways in the performance of the team”. Responding to the felicitations, Ramekins said, “l want the ‘Sports Mechanics’ to become the BOP for all sports federations globally and help India win gold medals in Olympics Games”. ************