Is It My Turn to Drive Yet?

One problem seen at my school, from freshmen to seniors, is the amount of time it takes to do the driving portion of the Driver’s Education course.

The Driver’s Education course is taken at some point during a student’s freshman year. The Driver’s Education class is taken during the student’s PE period.It takes about two to three weeks to complete the class itself. After taking the class, a student must drive a minimum of eight hours with a driving instructor in order to get a permit. The order in which the students drive is arranged by birthdays.

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The order is arranged by both the month in which the student was born in and the year. There are only about six instructors for all of the students that are ready to drive to drive with. Of course, all students are given the option to go drive somewhere else, but there is a fee to pay in order to transfer the student’s Driver’s Education course records and test scores to the driving school along with the fee that the driving school will charge the student. This can make it hard for some students to go somewhere else to finish the driving course and get their permit. Because of the fact that there are so few driving instructors for such a large number of students, it takes a very long time to get through the long list of people.

The solution to help the driving process move quicker would be for school to hire more driving instructors. Hiring more driving instructors will allow the whole driving process to move much faster and will also allow the process to go by smoother. There are roughly two-hundred students in each grade, and there are students from freshman to seniors that are all patiently waiting for their turn to drive and to be able to get their permit, or license in some cases. There should be about ten to fifteen driving instructorsto allow this to go by faster. If my school were to hire more driving instructors, it can benefit the students, the school itself, and even the driving instructors.

Hiring more driving instructors can be very effective and more efficient for those that are completing the driving portion of the Driver’s Education course at my school. This solution will greatly help the students, the instructors, and the school itself. If there were to be more driving instructors working, then the students will be able to complete the driving portion of the Driver’s Education course quicker. This will allow the students to be able to get their permits at a more reasonable time. Hiring more driving instructors will also benefit the school itself because less students would leave to go drive somewhere else.

If the students knew that the whole process would go by faster, then they would not get impatient and want to complete the course elsewhere. Most students would end up finishing the whole process at my school because of the fact it would be easier for them. Lastly, hiring more driving instructors will also benefit the driving instructors that work at the school because each instructor will have less students to worry about, making the whole process less stressful for them. Having more driving instructors working at my school will also allow the driving instructors to be able to take a couple of days off a week when it comes to driving with students. Over summer break, it will also be easier for the driving instructors to take time off for family time or vacations without getting in the way of a student’s driving schedule because there would be many other teachers to take over. In conclusion, I think that my school should hire more driving instructors so the driving process can move at a quicker pace.