Open Letter to School Administration

Dear School Board Administration I have many problems with way in which u decide to call off school for snow days. When it comes to this decision I believe that you oversee many key elements to this decision. When you make your call to if we should have a snow day or not you base your decision on weather the bus drivers can make their route.

The problem with this being the hindrance is that a bus driver is a professional driver, driving a two ton tank which has little to know problem handling in the snow. The real people to keep in mind when making this call is the inexperienced teenager drives that rely on there cars to get to school. This may not seem like a big deal but when that young driver is in an older car without the modern convince of traction control or anti-lock brake like most of u probably have this becomes a dangerous situation for not only the driver but others on the road. This is the way I see it if you wouldn’t let your son or daughter or grandchildren in that position than why would you place thousands of the same children to that very situation. When making this call think of the young driver, driving to school and imagine them sliding into another vehicle or a tree potentially injuring them if not others. So when it comes to making this call think about the children.

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