An Open Letter to the Incoming Freshman

It’s hell point blank period.

You won’t leave school smiling everyday anymore trying to decide what your getting from Starbucks after school with your friends. There will be many nights you cry yourself to sleep, you will fail some tests, and your friends will be b****es. No wonder 20% of teens don’t graduate high school. You will experience some of the worst words in the dictionary in the halls and smell the gnarliest food. Your locker won’t open as the one minute bell rings to the class where your teacher actually keeps track off tardies.

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You will spend countless months here til 6 pm practicing for a sport even if your 0-10 or 10-0. Your date to a dance will probably forget the tickets at least once and you will experience a mob pit in the halls almost everyday. But embrace it because all though it is hell it makes you appreciate everything. It turns you into the kind of person that now thanks their mom for the simple ham sandwich and the teacher that doesn’t shut the door immediately when the bell rings. Although I make them seem like the worst days of your life they really aren’t some may even be considered the best, but their only this way because you have experienced some of the worst. You appreciate the small victories like a movie in class or a sub.

It makes you appreciate all your hard work and shows you how much you can accomplish. High School is like running you hate it when your doing it but when your done you look back and realize you accomplished a beautiful thing.