freshman sports

To the students sports mean a lot. The school budget plan cut the freshman sports. Lots of students signed up to be on a freshman sport and are being moved up to junior varsity. Some students are not trying out anymore because of it. Junior varsity could be too challenging for some students and it gives them less of a chance to be on a sports team.

The Central School District should raise money for the freshman sports! Fundraising would be a great way to get freshman sports back! There are a few freshman sports remaining, but we should try to get more. To get back all of the freshman sports, $119,313 must be donated or fundraised. This means that to get half of the sports back, we would have to raise about $50,700. This includes money for salaries, officials, transportation, and fees. In addition, I am affected by this.

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I wanted to try out for freshman volleyball. I don’t want to anymore because I don’t think I have a slight chance on junior varsity and it would be too challenging. About half of the freshman class is probably trying out for a freshman sport and coaches have a limit on how many people can be on a team. So it affects coaches because they have to observe and evaluate more students, which make it harder. This affects lots of other students as well.

In conclusion, freshman sports should definitely not be cut. Students in the whole district are affected by it and it could ruin someone’s sports future. I want students, teachers, parents, other family members, the school board, PTA, and principles to take this into notice. Freshman sports are being cut and we need to do something about it!