Islam in Africa

This research proposal is based on exploring the history of Islam in the African world.

The paper will examine the roots of Islam and how it has spread throughout Africa over the years. It will also explore the perception of Islam by other religions in Africa, and how widespread Islam is in the continent. This will help in understanding the introduction of Islam in the region and its growth. The paper will also be based on available literature review that has been done in this field. Most of the data used for this research will be arrived at from secondary sources. The paper will seek to affirm the working thesis of the study.

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Primary sources of data will also be utilized. They will range from questionnairs and interviews. The use of diversified sources of information will increase validity of the study. Objectives of the study The objectives of the study will be: a) To find out the introduction of Islam in Africa. b) To find out the spread of Islam in Africa.c) To find out the perceptions of Islam by other religions.

d) To find out the growth of Islam in Africa. Working Thesis Initially, most people were not fully supportive of the Islam religion. These perceptions have changed with the religion being folllowed in almost all African countries. Research Goal The goal of the research is to understand the concept of Islam, particularly, in Africa. Throughout the research, I hope to compile information that clearly answers my research questions and objectives.

Through this research I hope to change the perceptions of those individuals who do not appreciate diversity in religions. This will reached through exploring the initial rejections and eventual acceptance of Islam as a religion in Africa.Conclusion Upon completion of the study, I hope to have equipped the target audience with the necessary information in regards to Islam in the African world.