Issues of Self-Reflexivity

There are no ethically sensitive elements in this research since advertising is all about business and there are no ethical elements involved in business.

In addition to this, authority in the area has to be informed before going to collect data in his area. Since this research has no ethical issues to be put in to consideration, my position will have no effect on the research. (Outline of the objectives of the research; evaluation of the general impact of the advertisements and their possible reasons, the research questions guding the dissertation proposal and the research methods that clearly gives the desired data)(review of the definitions of advertisement and consumer behavior stating the interaction between the two, description of the variety of advertisements and their influence on the human`s choice, theoretical aspects of the different methods of advertising, the most effective methods and their influence, evaluation of the world’s top advertising companies) (Discussion of the influence of consumer behavior even under stiff competitions, analyze the methods used by the IPod advertising industryy to improve their sales, evaluation of the profitability’s of the advertisements and the discussion of the topics and research questions used in the research, outlining the topics put in to consideration) (analysis of the interview data with the correspondents so as to get the required information for the research using the selected appropriate research methods)(Summary of the arguments of the dissertation proposal and the data collected, evaluation of the aims of the research defining the main result while giving recommendations on the advertisement’s choice and influence)

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